What’s in the Latest CS2 Update (February 6, 2024)

CS2 latest update

After months of releasing one small CS2 update after another, Valve has finally released something we can be excited about. The February 6 CS2 update contains a new weapon case, the Kilowatt Case, the Ambush Sticker Capsule, new maps, the Arms Race game mode, and many bug fixes.

Key Takeaways

  • If you enjoyed playing Arms Race in CS:GO, now you can play this game mode in CS2 as well.
  • The new case called the Kilowatt Case, is currently very expensive on the Steam Market, costing around $10. But it does contain a lot of great CS2 skins.
  • The gameplay has been improved thanks to a series of bug fixes.

What’s New in the Latest CS2 Update

What's New in the Latest CS2 Update

The CS2 update that was released on February 6, 2024, is full of cool features. I will explore the best ones below:

1. The Kilowatt Case

This is the newest CS2 case and it contains 17 skins or weapon finishes designed by the CS2 community. There are two Covert skins in the case, which are worth having, and one Exceedingly Rare item. That item is a knife skin. But not just any knife skin.

Valve introduced a new kind of knife called the Kukri Knife. Don’t worry; it won’t replace the Butterfly or the Karambit, but it might replace some of the less desirable knives people use.

These are the contents of the Kilowatt Case:

Dual BerettasHideout Mil-Spec$0.4 – $1.2
NovaDark SigilMil-Spec$0.4 – $1.3
Tec-9Slag Mil-Spec$0.4 – $1.5
XM1014 Irezumi Mil-Spec$0.4 – $1.4
SSG 08Dezastre Mil-Spec$0.4 – $2.25
UMP-45Motorized Mil-Spec$0.5 – $2
MAC-10Light BoxMil-Spec$0.5 – $7
Sawed-OffAnalog InputRestricted$3.7 – $9
MP7 Just Smile Restricted$4 – $10
Five-SeveN Hybrid Restricted$3.6 – $9
M4A4 Etch LordRestricted$4 – $12.5
Glock-18Block-18Restricted$3.5 – $12
USP-SJawbreakerClassified $20 – $76
Zeus x27Olympus Classified $21 – $73
M4A1-SBlack LotusClassified $35 – $113
AK-47InheritanceCovert $142 – $682
AWPChrome CannonCovert $111 – $732
Kukri Knife skinFade, Slaughter, …Exceedingly Rare?

The Kilowatt Case is one of the best cases to open in CS2 right now because it’s full of items that very few people own.

2. Arms Race

Arms Race is a very fun game mode that used to be played in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Because the launch of Counte­r-Strike 2 was a bit rushed, Valve did not have enough time to include it on day 1. But now it’s back, and you can enjoy it with your friends.

3. Stickers

CS2 stickers

Apart from the Ambush Sticker Capsule, which can now be purchased, stickers are much better supported. Every gun supports up to five stickers, and their placement is more flexible than before. There’s also a zoom feature that lets players be precise in how they apply their stickers.

4. New Maps

Baggage and Shoots have been added to CS2 in this update on February 6. If you enjoy playing new maps and not just Active Duty Maps, these two are worth a try.

5. New Music

You can now purchase the NIGHTMODE Music Kit Box and enjoy it inside the game.

6. New Mechanics

After the release of this patch, smokes started to cast shadows and how it’s rendered has been improved.

7. Gameplay

You now have a Refund All option inside the buy menu. Sub-tick shooting has been improved. Sliding along surfaces is smoother.

8. Sound

You can now select an audio input device for VOIP directly from CS2’s settings menu. This eliminates the need for a fix that uses the Steam client settings.

Overall, sound and sound occlusion effects have been improved.

9. Networking

Peeker’s advantage has been reduced significantly in most cases.


The latest CS2 update is quite massive and will likely lead to massive improvements. No doubt, some of the players who quit Counter-Strike in the Autumn of last year will return to enjoy the new game. And who knows? Perhaps s1mple will finally be happy with the state of CS2.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What did they change in the latest CS2 update?

A lot. From introducing the Arms Race game mode to making audio changes. The list is long.

Is CS2 worth playing?

Yes, it is. Especially after this new update.

What are the major changes in the latest CS2 update?

The two most significant changes are likely:
1: New viewmodel bob: This update introduces a new way your weapon moves when you walk, run, or jump, potentially giving the game a more modern feel.
2: In-game telemetry updates: The default net_graph (performance overlay) has been improved to provide more detailed information.

Are there any other gameplay changes?

The article might mention additional gameplay changes, bug fixes, or map adjustments.

Where can I find the full patch notes?

The article should ideally link to the official patch notes or provide a summary of the key changes. You might also find patch notes on Steam Discussions or community websites.

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