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newest cs2 cases

If you’re curious about the new CS2 case or the latest CS2 cases in general, this article will give you a better idea of what you can expect by unboxing such weapon cases.

1. Kilowatt Case – New CS2 Case (February 2024)

New CS2 case

This case was only recently introduced and it contains a lot of exciting items, including one of the best-looking AK-47 skins you’ve ever seen.

Here are the contents:

  1. Dual Berettas – Hideout (Mil-Spec pistol)
  2. Nova – Dark Sigil (Mil-Spec shotgun)
  3. Tec-9 – Slag (Mil-Spec pistol)
  4. XM1014 – Irezumi (Mil-Spec shotgun)
  5. SSG 08 Dezastre (Mil-Spec rifle)
  6. UMP-45 Motorized (Mil-Spec SMG)
  7. MAC-10 – Light Box (Mil-Spec SMG)
  8. Sawed-Off – Analog Input (Restricted shotgun)
  9. MP7 – Just Smile (Restricted SMG)
  10. Five-SeveN – Hybrid (Restricted pistol)
  11. M4A4 – Etch Lord (Restricted rifle)
  12. Glock-18 – Block-18 (Restricted pistol)
  13. USP-S – Jawbreaker (Classified pistol)
  14. Zeus x27 – Olympus (Classified equipment)
  15. M4A1-S – Black Lotus (Classified rifle)
  16. AK-47 – Inheritance (Covert rifle)
  17. AWP – Chrome Cannon (Covert rifle)
  18. Kukri Knife skin: Fade, Slaughter, Crimson Web, Vanilla, Blue Steel, Stained, Case Hardened, Safari Mesh, Night Stripe, Urban Masked, Forest DDPAT, Scorched, Boreal Forest.

Along with the new CS2 case, a sticker capsule was also introduced. It’s called the Ambush Sticker Capsule and costs less than one euro. Some of its contents are quite interesting.

At the moment, the price of a Kilowatt Case is nearly 10 euros, but it’s expected to drop sharply in the coming days. Most of the skins in it are valued at just a few dollars. Some cost dozens, while the best skins cost around $700 if they’re Factory New.

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2. Revolution Case

cs2 new cases

The Revolution Case in Counter-Strike 2 was released on February 9, 2023, following a 7-month wait after the previous Recoil Case​​.

It’s a special case as it contains skins for all four iconic primary rifles – M4A4, M4A1-S, AK-47, and AWP, making it the first case since the Operation Bravo Case in 2013 to feature the full set, with all these skins present in the higher tiers of the case​​.

The Revolution Case features 17 community-designed weapon skins and that its contents are quite desirable.

Here is a list of the skins contained in this CS2 case, ranging from Mil-Spec to Covert:

  1. MP9 – Featherweight
  2. MAG-7 – Insomnia
  3. SCAR-20 – Fragments
  4. P250 – Re.built
  5. MP5-SD – Liquidation
  6. SG553 – Cyberforce
  7. Tec-9 – Rebel
  8. M4A1-S – Emphorosaur-S
  9. Glock-18 – Umbral Rabbit
  10. MAC-10 – Sakkaku
  11. R8 Revolver – Banana Cannon
  12. P90 – Neon Queen
  13. AWP – Duality
  14. UMP-45 – Wild Child
  15. P2000 – Wicked Sick
  16. AK-47 – Head Shot
  17. M4A4 – Temukau​​
  18. Gloves

The release of the Revolution Case was accompanied by the Espionage Sticker Capsule, which includes 21 new stickers across four tiers, offering players more opportunities for creative customization​​.

Additionally, the update brought a new music kit by American rapper Denzel Curry, known as the Denzel Curry ULTIMATE Music Kit. The kit includes popular songs like “Walkin” and “Ultimate”, as well as tracks from his 2022 album “Melt My Eyez See Your Future”​​.

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3. Recoil Case

New CS2 Case

One of the more recent weapon cases in CS2 is the Recoil Case. This case contains 17 weapon skins of varying qualities. As usual, around 80% of what you’ll get from it is not very valuable and consists of items such as the Galil AR Destroyer, which costs less than $1.

But the other 20% is. And if you get one of the Covert skins, you will not regret opening this case because the value of those items on the Steam Market can reach hundreds of dollars.

The best weapon skin you can get from the Recoil Case, excluding the gloves, is the USP-S Printstream. If you’re lucky enough to get the Factory New version or a StatTrak one, the price of this item can go up to a few hundred dollars.

The other Covert skin in this weapon case is the AWP Chromatic Aberration. Its price is much lower and depends on the float value.

In this case, the third of the valuable skins is the AK-47 Ice Coaled. It looks great, and the price can reach $20 if the float value is good. StatTrak further increases it. But even for a modest version, you will get around $5 – 10.

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Summary and opinion about its content

usp-s prinstream

When it comes to gloves, the prices can reach spectacular values. For the Moto Gloves Finish Line, a Factory New version costs thousands of dollars. Many of the other models costs between $500 and $2000. It all depends on their float value and the market demand.

The complete list of skins that you can get by unboxing the Recoil Case is the following:

  1. UMP-45 – Roadblock
  2. Galil AR – Destroyer
  3. MAC-10 – Monkeyflage
  4. Negev – Drop Me
  5. FAMAS – Meow 36
  6. Glock-18 Winterized
  7. M4A4 – Poly Mag
  8. M249 – Downtown
  9. P90 – Vent Rush
  10. SG 553 – Dragon Tech
  11. R8 Revolver – Crazy 8
  12. Dual Berettas – Flora Carnivora
  13. P250 – Visions
  14. Sawed-Off – Kiss Love
  15. AK-47 – Ice Coaled
  16. AWP – Chromatic Aberration
  17. USP-S – Printstream
  18. Gloves

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4. Anubis Collection Package

CS2 new case

For players looking for an exciting, gratifying, case-opening experience, the CS2 Anubis Collection Package is a good choice. This collection allows players to find unique, breathtaking cosmetics. Them most expensive skin, the M4A4 Eye of Hours, costs around $1000 if it’s Factory New.

Here are all the skins that you can find in this case:

  1. R8 – Revolver Inlay
  2. M249 – Submerged
  3. MP7 – Sunbaked
  4. AUG – Snake Pit
  5. XM1014 – Hieroglyph
  6. MAC-10 – Echoing Sands
  7. USP-S – Desert Tactical
  8. SSG 08 – Azure Glyph
  9. MAG-7 – Copper Coated
  10. M4A1-S – Mud-Spec
  11. AK-47 – Steel Delta
  12. Tec-9 – Mummy’s Rot
  13. AWP – Black Nile
  14. P90 – ScaraB Rush
  15. Nova – Sobek’s Bite
  16. Glock-18 – Ramese’s Reach
  17. P250 – Apep’s Curse
  18. FAMAS – Waters of Nephthys
  19. M4A4 – Eye of Horus

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5. Dreams & Nightmares Case

new CS2 case

Bursting with a plethora of mesmerizing skins and cosmetic items, this collection offers players an opportunity to delve into a realm of fantasy and horror.

From ethereal and enchanting dream-inspired skins to haunting and nightmarish creations, each skin within the Dreams & Nightmares Case is a work of art that immerses players in a realm of imagination.

The Dreams & Nightmares Case introduces a variety of exclusive and highly sought-after knives. These knives feature intricate engravings, unique blade shapes, and exquisite finishes that add a touch of mystique to any loadout.

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You can find these skins on the case:

  1. MAG-7 – Foresight
  2. SCAR-20 – Poultrygeist
  3. Sawed-Off – Spirit Board
  4. P2000 – Lifted Spirits
  5. MP5-SD – Necro Jr.
  6. Five-SeveN – Scrawl
  7. MAC-10 – Ensnared
  8. XM1014 – Zombie Offensive
  9. G3SG1 – Dream Glade
  10. PP-Bizon – Space Cat
  11. USP-S – Ticket to Hell
  12. M4A1-S – Night Terror
  13. FAMAS – Rapid Eye Movement
  14. MP7 – Abyssal Apparition
  15. Dual Berettas – Melondrama
  16. Knife

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CS2 features lots of excellent weapon cases. Each year, Valve releases new ones. In this guide, you discovered five of the most recent CS2 cases and the skins they contain. If you want to buy some of these skins, Tradeit offers excellent offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the newest case in CS2?

The Kilowatt Case. It was released in February 2024.

What is the best case to open in CS2?

It depends on what your goals are. If you’re looking for gloves, you should open the Glove Case. If you’re looking for Butterfly Knives, you should open cases that focus on these types of skins.

Are CS2 cases worth it?

In most cases, opening cases will cost you more than buying the item directly on Tradeit. But if you enjoy opening them, there’s nothing wrong with that.

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