Best Paracord Knife CS:GO Skins

The Paracord knife CS:GO is one of the lesser-used knives. However, it is still a nicely designed knife whose blade allows you to apply skins in a way that highlights their features.

One great thing about this knife is its handle, which gives you a feeling of firmness. Given that you hold the knife each round for at least 5-10 seconds, this aspect of the Paracord knife can positively impact your mental state.

Here are some of the best Paracord knife skins that you can own.

1. Slaughter

This skin looks like it was drenched in wine. Or perhaps blood! It costs somewhere between $400 and $500, and it’s one of the most memorable Paracord knife skins. The two CS:GO cases in which you’ll find it is Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case.

The quality difference between low-end and high-end models is not that great. That’s why the maximum price is only $100, greater than the minimum price.

If you want the StatTrak version, the minimum price is roughly the same, but the maximum price is twice as high. Some players like this version better because knife kills are so rare that they should be immortalized. 

If you ever want to tell anyone about how skilled you are with your CS:GO knife, using a StatTrak skin would allow you to actually prove your point.

2. Case Hardened

Paracord Knife CS:GO
Paracord Knife CS:GO

This skin might seem a bit rusty at first, but you’ll quickly get used to it. Case Hardened skins are regarded as extremely valuable by CS:GO players, and the pattern varies from knife to knife.

The cost of this skin ranges between $250 and $650. The difference between the low-end and the high-end models is high, which is why the price difference is so big. You can try to find a Case Hardened skin on your own, but it’s a better idea to purchase it on Tradeit.

3. Crimson Web

Paracord Knife CS:GO
Paracord Knife CS:GO

It’s hard not to include this skin on the list. After all, this is one of the most expensive skins in the game, and, even when applied to less popular knives, it still costs a lot of money. The low-end models are sold for around $250, but the high-end ones can cost even $6500.

With skins that use a uniform color, the float value tends to be important, and anything below the Field Tested level suffers from any visible imperfection a lot more.

A good reason for buying this knife is the long-term investment aspect. Given CS:GO’s consistent growth, whatever is expensive today will likely get even more expensive in the coming months and years.

Another reason for owning such high-end skin is the prestige it gives you. Skins above a certain quality level are status symbols and prove the owner’s dedication to the game.

Visually, the contrast between the red blade and the black handle creates a beautiful effect. You might also feel a bit more dangerous while holding the knife, which is a positive thing in this game. 

More about the Crimson Web here, buy and trade.