Best Sport Gloves CS:GO Skins

Best sport gloves CS:GO skins features around 8 different types of gloves. And for each of them, you can buy or find lots of skins. However, glove skins are Exceedingly Rare cosmetic items, which means that the odds of obtaining them are roughly 1/400.

Among the various types of gloves you can utilize, some of the most famous are sport gloves. These gloves feature some of the most expensive CS:GO skins.

In this guide, you will learn about the best sport gloves in the game.

1. Sport Gloves| Pandora’s Box

At the high end, these are the most expensive gloves in CS:GO. This skin can cost thousands of dollars, but only for Factory New models with a very low float value. 

You will find this skin in two cases: Glove Case and Operation Hydra Case. However, the odds of getting this cosmetic item are probably 1/10000. It’s much better to buy it on Tradeit or to rent it than try to get ultra-lucky. Not to mention that you won’t get a Factory New model unless you’re lucky.

The quality of this skin is impressive. Visually, this skin looks amazing. Every detail has been carefully designed to give it an imposing and prestigious feel. They say that purple is the color of intelligence and royalty. Pandora’s Box encapsulates all of that and more.

2. Sport Gloves| Vice

Sport Gloves CS:GO
Sport Gloves CS:GO

Vice is another glove skin that costs thousands of dollars at the high end. But you can get a low-end model for one or two thousand. This skin can only be found in the Clutch Case, and anything above the Well Worn level costs a lot of money.

Visually, this skin mixes teal with black and pink. The result is quite eccentric and beautiful at the same time.

3. Sport Gloves| Slingshot

Sport Gloves CS:GO
Sport Gloves CS:GO

Slingshot is a relatively cheap sport glove if you want to buy anything below the Minimal Wear model. It costs around $725 to buy the Field-Tested, only $240 to buy the Battle Scarred one. But if you want a Factory New model, you’ll end up paying at least several thousand dollars. The best models cost $10.000.

This skin can be found in Operation Broken Fang Case, Recoil Case, and Snakebite Case.

4. Sport Gloves| Amphibious 

Amphibious is one of the best-looking sport glove skin in the game. The mixture of blue and white hues gives it a distinctive look, and anything above the Field Tested model will glow. It’s hard to describe the beauty of this skin. The big advantage when using a skin of this color is that it goes well with almost any kind of knife skin.

The cost is around $800 for a Field Tested model. If you want a Minimal Wear or a Factory New one, you’ll need to pay between $1700 and $5700.

5. Sport Gloves| Hedge Maze

If you like the green color, you’ll probably like this skin a lot. It mixes shades of green with grey. You’ll find this skin in the same containers where all the other sport gloves can be found: Glove Case and Operation Hydra Case.

The cost of the high-end models can reach $20.000. But most will cost less than $2000. The Minimal Wear and Factory New models are quite expensive. If you buy a Battle-Scarred model, you will get it for less than $500.

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