Best P250 CS:GO Skins

The P250 CS:GO Skins are one of the most important pistols. Its damage is lethal against unarmored targets in case of a headshot, and even armored targets will get killed with one headshot if they lack more than 4 HP.

This low recoil firearm is used during the two pistol rounds very often. There are many great skins for this gun, and you’ll discover some of them in this guide. Here are five of the best P250 CS:GO skins.

1. Nuclear Threat

Nuclear Threat P250 skin can be found in The Nuke Collection and constitutes a Restricted skin. But because of the collection’s rarity, its price is very high. The Battle Scarred and Well Worn versions are relatively cheap, but the Field Tested, Minimal Wear and Factory New ones cost a lot of money.

You’ll have to pay the maximum price for this skin is around $230. The StatTrak edition costs $400.

Visually, the skin is easy to recognize thanks to its nuclear-threat symbol. It’s so green that you cannot miss it. The rest of the skin gives the weapon a dangerous look and feel.

2. Whiteout

P250 CS:GO Skins
P250 CS:GO Skins

This is a Mil-Spec skin from the Chop Chop Collection. This collection is so rare that even a Mil-Spec skin costs between $10 and $100. Visually, The P250 Whiteout CS:GO skin is very simple and very elegant. The entire gun is covered with pure white when you use it. Because of this, it is quite sensitive.

To deal with this problem, all you need to do is to buy a Minimal Wear model. It costs a bit more, but you’ll own one of the best P250 skins in the game. 

More about Whiteout on, buy and trade.

3. Mehndi

Mehndi is one of the oldest P250 skins in the game. It belongs to the Winter Offensive Weapon Case, which costs around $4.60. Inside this case, it constitutes a Classified skin, meaning your chances of getting it are below 4%.

The cost of this skin is $8 – $21, which is not expensive at all given its amazing design and how rare it is.

Visually, Mehndi looks like a costly carpet. It features intricate patterns that must have taken countless hours to create.

4. Digital Architect

P250 CS:GO Skins
P250 CS:GO Skins

Digital Architect looks futuristic and quite abstract. This is not your typical CS:GO skin. Quite the opposite. It costs around $25, and you can also find it in the souvenir version.

The skin belongs to The 2021 Vertigo Collection. It is only a Restricted skin in this collection but you won’t find it that easily. Buying it is by far the best option.

4. Crimson Kimono

Few P250 skins look as elegant as this one. The black and red color mix gives it a natural appeal, and the patterns on it are highly distinguishable.

Krimson Kimono belongs to The Rising Sun Collection, a rarity in CS:GO. You’ll unlikely open many of these, but you can buy the skin on Tradeit or the Steam Market. The cost of this skin is roughly $16 – $23.

Because the price difference between low-end and high-end models is low, you should try to buy at least a Minimal Wear version. It looks much better than the Well Worn and Battle Scarred ones.

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