Best Pistol Skins in CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive features many amazing skins for almost every weapon used in the game. That includes best pistol skins in CS:GO.

Every CS:GO map features two rounds that are played with pistols. One of the two teams plays many other rounds with pistols because they constitute eco rounds. As a result, pistols are hugely popular in this game, and for many players, they bring back great memories of rounds they won by hitting a few headshots with a Deagle or a USP-S.

Here’s a brief list of some of the best pistol skins in CS:GO:

1. Glock-18 | Fade

This is a costly skin from The Assault Collection. It has a distinctive visual design that makes you think of a sunset. The price is proportional to the rarity and popularity of this skin. For a Factory New version, you’ll have to pay around $1000.

Few people own this skin, and more than 2000 waiting in line to buy one at more than $1000 on the Steam Market.

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2. Desert Eagle | Blaze

Pistol Skins in CS:GO
Pistol Skins in CS:GO

Blaze is probably the most recognizable Desert Eagle skin, and it’s been made popular by players like NiKo. This beauty belongs to The Dust Collection, and it is truly hard to find. Its rarity class is Restricted, but the weapon case dates back to 2013, so you won’t find it that easily. And even if you do, it’s expensive.

This CS:GO skin costs around $500. The demand for it is incredibly high. Almost 1800 people are waiting to buy one at nearly $500.

3. Desert Eagle | Emerald Jörmungandr

This is one of the best-looking Deagle skins you can own, and its cost is around $150. The powerful green textures of the skin give the pistol an imposing aspect. The gun feels much heavier, thanks to this. And you may shoot with it slightly better just because of its visuals.

This skin belongs to The Norse Collection, which is hard to find and costs a lot of money per unit, which is part of why a restricted pistol like this costs so much.

4. Desert Eagle | Hand Cannon

The Hand Cannon is another highly expensive Deagle skins that can cost more than $250 for the Factory New version. A Field-Tested edition would probably cost around $150. This skin is beautiful and can be easily recognized thanks to its rusty pattern and yellow tip.

This does not belong to a single weapon case. Instead, it belongs to 10 different Souvenir Packages. But it’s still hard to find because these packages date back to more than five years ago, making them quite rare and expensive.

5. Five-SeveN | Neon Kimono

The Neon Kimono has one of the most recognizable visual patterns in CS:GO, at least for pistols. Its metallic part is painted yellow, giving the gun a fancy look. If you like eccentric skins, this ones for you. The cost is around $150.

You can find this skin in The Rising Sun Collection.

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6. Glock-18 | Synth Leaf

Synth Leaf costs around $125-150 and can be found in The St. Marc Collection. It’s a very classy skin that doesn’t necessarily stand out but is quite rare and, therefore, quite expensive. The visual design is elegant, with shades of purple and a dark green color.

7. P2000 | Ocean Foam

This skin is considered to be one of the best for the P2000. Its metallic part makes you feel like you’re looking at moving water in a pool, a lake, or an ocean. The cost of the skin is somewhere around $100. But you may need to pay more for the Factory New edition.

8. Desert Eagle | Fennec Fox

Pistol Skins in CS:GO
Pistol Skins in CS:GO

This very impressive Deagle skin can be recognized from far away. Its design looks extremely raw and futuristic. It’s hard to put into words just how special this skin is. For a Classified pistol skin, it’s a bit expensive ($200) but the price makes sense when you consider the rarity. 

You won’t find this skin in any standard CS:GO weapon case. You’ll have to open rare containers to get it, and there are no guarantees. It’s probably better to buy it on the market.

9. CZ75-Auto | Chalice

In its standard version (not the souvenir one), this pistol skin can cost up to $1500. That’s how rare and valuable it is. You’ll find the souvenir version in lots of containers, but people don’t want that version, which costs around $50.

The colors of the skin are beautiful and well-chosen. They mix really well together.

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10. USP-S | Printstream

Pistol Skins in CS:GO
Pistol Skins in CS:GO

This skin looks ultra-classy, and its price has decreased enormously in recent months, partly because people are buying the Recoil Case in large amounts. Its cost is somewhere around $70 for the Field Tested version.