Best Glock-18 CS:GO Skins

The Glock-18 CS:GO is one of the essential guns. This weapon is the default pistol for the Terrorist team, which means it’s used quite frequently. Only in pistol rounds but many other rounds throughout each match.

Because of its popularity, the Glock-18 has received a lot of love and attention from CS:GO skin designers, who created lots and lots of Glock-18 skins. Some of them are better and more prestigious than others, which is why we’ll look closely at them.

Qualities of The Glock-18 Pistol

The Glock-18 is one of the cheapest pistols in the game. It only costs $200, but you won’t need to buy it because you get it by default. This is your spawn weapon on the T side and deals lethal damage against unarmored enemies in case of a headshot. 

If the target is armored, you’ll need to shoot them twice in the head or 6-7 times in the body. This makes the Glock-18 a relatively weak weapon in terms of damage, but the pistol has other qualities, such as its precision. Furthermore, you’re expected to use it against unarmored units. And in such a case, it deals more than double the damage.

Some players like to keep the Glock, while others immediately buy another pistol. The choice usually depends on what you think the enemy team will do. If you expect them to show up fully armored, then using the Glock is probably a bad idea because you’ll deal very little damage.

Pro players tend to rely on their ability to hit headshots around 50% of the time, which is why they don’t mind using the Glock in the pistol round. They know that the enemy doesn’t wear a helmet, so all they need to do is hit one headshot. And that’s perfectly doable for anyone who has a lot of experience.

The Best Glock-18 Skins

Here are some of the best Glock-18 CS:GO skins that you can own. Almost all of them are available on Tradeit for good prices, so you might want to check them out. Two other options are the Steam Market and opening cases.

However, in both situations, you’ll face severe limitations. If you want to find a Covert Glock-18 skin, the probability is less than 1%. So you will probably need to open more than 100 cases to find what you’re looking for. In most scenarios, that’s not cost-effective. The better option is to purchase the skin directly from someone else.


Glock-18 CS:GO
Glock-18 CS:GO

This Glock-18 skin costs a lot and is probably the most expensive cosmetic item for this pistol. It’s also one of the most costly pistol skins in the game. The cost ranges from $900 to $1500, but it all depends on the buyer. Some people will sell it cheaply, while others will demand a high price for the rarity, which is exceptional.

Visually, Fade skin has all the characteristics of a Fade skin, so you should purchase a model with a low float value. The fewer the scratches, the better.

If you’re looking for this skin in the old-fashioned way, you will find it in The Assault Collection. This is a very old collection that doesn’t even have Covert or Classified skins in it. The Glock-18 Fade, a Restricted pistol skin, is the most prestigious item.

Synth Leaf

This is another Restricted skin, this time from The St. Marc Collection. Just that fact alone increases its value tremendously. A Factory New model can cost $250. Minimal Wear and Field Tested ones have more reasonable prices, but they’re still quite expensive.

Visually, the Snyth Leaf Glock-18 has a beautiful dark turquoise color mixed with shades of purple. The effect is very pleasing, and you’ll enjoy using this skin. It makes the pistol feel much smoother than it is.

Candy Apple

This one is perfect if you want to own a Glock-18 skin that’s both simple and elegant. It belongs to The Italy Collection, which puts it in a rare class of CS:GO items. Despite being just a Mil-Spec pistol skin, Candy Apple is rare, and its price reflects that: $270 – $400 for the souvenir version.

The colors used for this skin were red and black. There’s nothing fancy about this skin. But its raw simplicity looks very elegant.

Dragon Tattoo

This is one of the fanciest Glock-18 skins that you can own. Everything about it gives the pistol an air of sophistication. And the dragon depicted on the upper side is visible enough to instill a feeling of power into the user of this pistol.

The price ranges from $60 to $90. This skin belongs to the CS:GO Weapon Case, which means that it’s almost as old as CS:GO itself. If you want to own a digital piece of CS:GO history, you should definitely purchase this skin, ideally in the Minimal Wear or Factory New condition.

The price is around double if you want to own the StatTrak version. For some players, this option is important because it allows them to track their number of pistol-round and eco-round kills.

More about Dragon Tattoo skin in

Bullet Queen

This is a Covert Glock-18 skin that belongs to the Prisma 2 Case. Its visual aspect is very fancy, and it’s obvious that someone spent a long time creating it.

The skin looks bad if you purchase the Battle Scarred and Well Worn versions. But all of the other ones look great. The price reflects that: $6 – $60.

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