Best M4A1 Skins in CS:GO

The M4A1-S skins in CS:GO are one of the most popular weapons used by many pro players on the CT side. Apart from dealing a lot of damage per bullet, this gun is also accurate from afar, silent, and easy to control.

Because of its extensive use in competitive games, the M4A1-S has received a lot of attention from designers, and you will find many skins for it. This guide presents some of the best options. Here are the best M4A1-S skins in CS:GO.

1. Knight

This M4A1-S skin can be found in 10 containers, but all of them are rare and date back to 2017. Many are even older. Apart from being included only in rare souvenir packages, this skin is Classified and in high demand. So the price tag is huge: $1800 – $2200. You’ll need to pay a bit less for the Souvenir version: $1200.

Visually, this is not a very colorful skin, but it’s shiny and solid. Whenever you utilize the weapon, you get a sense of firmness. Furthermore, you will probably find yourself talking about the acquisition with some of your teammates because a lot of players dream of having skin like this one day.

Thanks to its design and combination of colors, the Knight doesn’t necessarily need to be bought in the Factory New version to look great. You can use a Minimal Wear or even a Field Tested model.

2. Imminent Danger

M4A1 Skins in CS:GO
M4A1 Skins in CS:GO

This is another M4A1-S skin with a high price tag. For the standard version, you will need to pay between $450 and $1300. But the Souvenir version can reach almost $8000.

The visual design of this skin is simply amazing. This is one of the most recognizable skins in CS:GO, and everyone knows about it. There are lots of signs on it that say “Notice,” “Danger” and so on.

The best way to obtain this M4A1 skin is to purchase it on Tradeit or the Steam Market. The design is so sophisticated that even a float value of 0.05 will make a big difference. Try to buy at least a Field Tested model.

3. Welcome to the Jungle

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This is a CS:GO skin found in only 3 containers. All of them are from 2021 and 2022, but their rarity factor is quite high. On top of that, the rare skin class is Covert, and thousands of people are waiting in line to buy one. 

All these factors influence the price: $500 – $1900. The Souvenir model is even more expensive: $490 – $4400. The difference between the minimum and maximum prices is so big because of how amazing the skin looks in its Factory New version related to the Battle Scarred one. 

If you want to purchase it, it’s a good idea to buy the Minimal Wear or Field Tested model. If you can, buy the Factory New one. But don’t go below the Field-Tested level because you’ll start to lose many of the elements featured on it.

More about Welcome to the Jungle skin here.

Where to Find M4A1-S Skins

If you’re interested in finding M4A1-S skins instead of buying them directly, you can try to buy one of these collections:

Some of the best skins for this weapon can be found in these collections but be aware that a high-quality classic skin is much harder to find than a Mil-Spec one.