Best MP7 CS:GO Skins

Among the hundreds of CS:GO skins that make this esport a lot more fun to play, some are well-designed but also rare. This makes them quite valuable. If you’re an enthusiast and want to own some of the best MP7 CS:GO skins in the game, this guide will show you a list of the top-quality ones.

1. MP7 – Whiteout

MP7 CS:GO Skins
MP7 CS:GO Skins

Whiteout is a classy MP7 skin that’s highly recognizable thanks to its visual design. This skin paints the gun white, which is very unusual in a game where weapons tend to be black.

The rarity class of this skin is Mil-Spec, but the fact that it can only be found in The Office Collection still makes it rare. 

The float value is essential for skins of this nature because any imperfection is easy to spot and will ruin the appeal. If you want to buy one, try to acquire at least a Field Tested version. The Minimal Wear and Factory New models are even better. Please don’t settle for Well Worn or Battle Scarred versions because they look cheap.

The price range reflects the quality of the skin. You can buy something that’s low-quality for just several dollars. Or you can buy something that looks brand new for $300-$400. The advantage of buying the Factory New version is that it will maintain its value over the years.

2. MP7 – Fade

Fade is another excellent MP7 skin that you should consider buying. First, it belongs to the Fade family, which might significantly increase its value in the future. Items from this family tend to cost a lot of money, and this MP7 is one of the few exceptions.

3. MP7 – Powercore

If you only care about the visual quality of the skin and don’t necessarily want to buy something that can be sold at a higher price in a few years, then Powercore is one of the best options available. It costs less than $2 and looks fantastic.

You can find it in the Horizon case, but its rarity class is Restricted, so you should probably buy it directly. Why open more than a dozen cases when you can have it instantly at the price of one?

4. MP7 – Nemesis

This is another MP7 CS:GO skin that looks impressive. And you can have it for less than $10. The cheapest models cost around $4, but it’s probably a good idea to invest in a Minimal Wear version. That way, the skin will not lose its appeal in the slightest measure.

The mixture of yellow and black, combined with the aggressive face featured on this MP7 skin, gives it a very sharp look. Not every player will like it, but it’s worth having in your inventory.

5. MP7 – Skulls

This Mil-Spec MP7 skin can be found only in one of the oldest CS:GO cases: the CS:GO Weapon Case. Its price is roughly $10, no matter which version you buy. This is one of those rare cases where the StatTrak version costs almost the same as the standard one, and the Well Worn model looks similar to the Factory New one.

This purchase is the perfect choice for players who like to look more fearsome.

How to Obtain MP7 Skins

MP7 skins can be obtained by opening cases or purchasing them directly on Tradeit or the Steam Market. Some of the collections that contain them are listed below: