Best CZ75 CS:GO Skins

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, the CZ75-AUTO is one of the cheapest guns that you can buy, and it’s actually really strong. CZ75 CS:GO skins kills with one bullet in case of a headshot against an unarmored opponent and deals 95 damage to an armored one. You need just 3-5 bullets for a kill, even if the opponent is fully armored and the gun shoots 10 bullets per second.

What’s great about the CZ75-AUTO is its cost. At $500, this gun is extremely cheap and will be bought by players whenever the situation is desperate. The weapon is considered to be a full-auto pistol, but it makes you feel like you’re using an SMG.

Because of how practical it is, the CZ75-AUTO is frequently bought in force-buy rounds and anti-eco rounds. There are plenty of skins available, and many of them are quite cheap. From an artistic perspective, the big disadvantage of this gun is that it’s very small. On such a tiny surface, it’s hard to create something impressive.

Here are some of the best CZ75-AUTO CS:GO skins that you can own. All of them are usually available on Tradeit.

1. Chalice

This skin can only be found in Cobblestone souvenir packages, which is the main reason why it’s so expensive. Its rarity class is Restricted. This means that you’ll get it relatively frequently when opening such packages. But that’s not a cost-effective method of obtaining this cosmetic item.

Given that it costs between $250 and $1500, this skin represents a serious investment. The souvenir version is much cheaper. You can get a Factory New or Minimal Wear model for just $60.

Visually, this is a colorful CZ75-AUTO skin. It mixes blue, yellow, and grey, but keeps them separated. Because of that, the eye is naturally drawn to the blue and yellow parts.

2. Emerald Quartz

CZ75 CS:GO Skins
CZ75 CS:GO Skins

This skin belongs to The Norse Collection, which makes it rare by default. It’s just a Mil-Spec Grade Pistol skin, but it still costs $50 – $80. The good part is that anything above the Field-Tested level looks great. You can also try the Well Worn and Battle-Scarred versions, but the scratches will ruin much of the green color.

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3. Emerald

Esmerald very shiny skin makes the CZ75-AUTO stand out despite being one of the tiniest weapons in CS:GO. This automated pistol can look much scarier when great skin is applied to it. This one belongs to The Chop Shop Collection and costs around $10 – $15. Its rarity class is just Mil-Spec, but the collection it belongs to is quite prestigious.

4. The Fuschia Is Now

CZ75 CS:GO Skins
CZ75 CS:GO Skins

The use of the purple color makes this skin stand out with ease in any situation. The rarity class is Classified and the CS:GO case is CS:GO Weapon Case 3. These factors give the skin a relatively high price for a CZ75-AUTO cosmetic item: $20 – $45.

This is one of the oldest skins in CS:GO, and owning it is a great idea if you intend to play the game for many years. At a later time, skins like this one may end up costing a lot of money because they’re part of the game’s history, and very few people own them.

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5. Tread Plate

This is a very cheap CZ75-AUTO skin that can be bought for just $5 – $10. Its design is really basic, and the artist chose to keep it simple, so the skin is extremely metallic and doesn’t offer much to the gun, at least not in the color department.

You can find this skin in CS:GO Weapon Case 3. But given the rarity of that case and the fact that Tread Plate has a Restricted rarity class, it’s a much better idea to purchase it directly.