Best Dual Berettas CS:GO Skins

Dual Berettas CS:GO is an exciting choice in the game, and many players use them because they like the feeling of being able to shoot with two guns at once. These pistols are also bought because they only cost $300, which is almost nothing.

The damage dealt by Dual Berettas is quite high, especially against unarmored enemies. You need 1-5 bullets to get the kill, and in most cases, you’ll get it with 3. This means that if you know how to aim, at a rate of fire of 500 RPM, Dual Berettas will kill a target in 30ms. That’s faster than most players can react.

The biggest disadvantage of Dual Berettas is the reload time, which is 4.6 seconds. Against a skilled team, it’s way too much, which is why you won’t see the gun used very often in professional matches.

If you like to use these pistols, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are plenty of great CS:GO skins for them. On Tradeit, you will find nearly anything you might be interested in. This guide will give you a brief presentation of some of the best Dual Berettas CS:GO skins.

1. Dual Berretas | Duelist

Dual Berettas CS:GO
Dual Berettas CS:GO

The visual design of this skin is simply amazing. The embossed grey patterns on the blue background work well and give the gun a prestigious look. Only three colors were used in total, one of them black. But they were used in such a way that the gun easily stands out even from afar.

The price of this skin ranges between  $60 and $80. Sometimes, it can go a lot higher if the float value is good. The rarity class is only Restricted, but the overall rarity of the skin is greatly amplified by the fact that it belongs to a rare collection: The Chop Shop Collection.

Because of the strong emphasis on the handle, this skin should be purchased in the Minimal Wear or Factory New version. The Field Tested will also look decent, but for the Well Worn and Battle Scarred ones, the beauty is lost because of the scratches.

2. Dual Berretas | Cobra Strike

This Classified pistol skin from the Operation Cobra Case costs between $30 and $45. If you want to StatTrak version, the price is not much higher for the low-end models. But it can more than double for the high-end ones.

Visually, the pistols stand out because of their striking green color when you use this skin. There are also some yellow bits on this skin, which helps with the contrast. Most of the gun is left unchanged.

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3. Dual Berretas | Emerald

This Mil-Spec Grade pistol skin costs less than $20 and gives Dual Berettas a fresh look. The emerald color is uniform, which makes the skin look great but only if a low float value version is bought. Above a certain number of scratches, the skin loses its shiny aspect.

One positive aspect of Emerald is that it belongs to The Canals Collection, which is one of the best collections in CS:GO. By owning this skin, you own an item from the same collection that The Prince (AWP) belongs to.

4. Dual Berretas | Pyre

Dual Berettas CS:GO
Dual Berettas CS:GO

Pyre is one of the most basic skins in its collection and constitutes an Industrial Grade Pistol skin. However, because we’re talking about The Norse Collection, the price is still a bit high, $10 – $15.

Visually, what makes this skin beautiful is the patterns depicted all over it. They were taken from Norse mythology, and if you love this kind of lore or games like Skyrim, this skin will fit your Dual Berettas perfectly.

5. Dual Berretas | Hemoglobin

This is one of the most eye-catching Dual Berettas skin you can buy. Its mix of red and metallic grey makes it stand out and gives it a menacing look.

This skin belongs to CS:GO Weapon Case 2, which means it’s one of the oldest in the game. In a few years, its price may go up significantly because it will be a digital museum piece by then. 

The price ranges from $5 to $10, but it’s important to purchase this skin in perfect condition. The design is very sensitive to scratches.

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