Best Shadow Knife CS:GO Skins

It’s no secret that the Shadow Daggers or the Shadow knife is not exactly beloved by CS:GO players. In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, people tend to like menacing knives that make them feel more dangerous. But the Shadow Daggers CS:GO skins look a bit like toys for children.

Unlike many other types of CS:GO knives, Shadow Daggers have lots of exceptional skins that look amazing. And the good news is that Shadow Dagger skins are really cheap compared to every other knife skin on the market.

On Tradeit, you will find plenty of good options. This guide presents some of the best Shadow Daggers skins you can own.

1. Tiger Tooth

Shadow Knife CS:GO
Shadow Knife CS:GO

The patterns on this Shadow Daggers CS:GO skins look better than on any other knife skin from the Tiger Tooth class. The contrast between yellow and brown is really beautiful. 

The price of this skin ranges from $170 to $225. You can find it by opening the Spectrum Case and the Spectrum 2 Case. But it’s not a cost-effective method of obtaining this skin.

Knife skins are Exceedingly Rare items, which means you only get 1 on around 400 case openings. Therefore, you may end up paying $1000 for a $200 knife skin.

Given the small price difference between the low-end and high-end models, it’s a good idea to buy a Factory New or a Minimal Wear version of this skin. The tiger patterns look flawless on them, and there are very few scratches to run the beauty of this cosmetic item.

2. Crimson Web

Shadow Knife CS:GO
Shadow Knife CS:GO

This Shadow Daggers CS:GO skins looks great on every type of knife, and the Shadow Daggers make no exception. The price ranges between $150 and $650. This is easily the most expensive skin for this CS:GO knife. You will find it in the Shadow Case.

The difference between low float value models and high float ones is considerable. Therefore, if you want to own this skin, you should try to buy at least a Field Tested model. Interestingly enough, the StatTrak version is much cheaper than the standard one.

3. Marble Fade

Shadow Knife CS:GO
Shadow Knife CS:GO

This is one of the most colorful CS:GO skins for the Shadow knife, and the design looks impressive. The artist really managed to preserve the essence of the Marble Fade skin and arrange the colors in a way that’s pleasing to the eye. There’s a bit of blue, yellow, and a lot of red.

The price of the skin is $200, with almost no distinction between the low float models and the high float ones. Like most of the other skins for this knife, you’ll find it in the Spectrum cases.

4. Lore

Shadow Knife CS:GO
Shadow Knife CS:GO

This skin looks nothing like the usual Lore skin that you see on the other CS:GO knives. The design is really smart, and the dotted pattern makes the yellow color stand out beautifully.

The golden aspect of the skin is not as strong as it is for the other knives, but it’s still strong enough to give it a prestigious look.

This skin’s price is around $175 if you want the Battle Scarred or Well Worn model. For the Factory New one, the price is $425.

5. Gamma Doppler

If you want your Shadow Daggers to have a bright color that can be seen from afar, the Gamma Doppler is probably the best option. This skin costs $187 and can easily be distinguished from all the rest.

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