Best P90 CS:GO Skins

The P90 CS:Go skins are a very strong gun in CS:GO, but it is rarely bought because its cost puts it in the same category as the FAMAS. Given a choice between the two weapons, most players will always pick the second one. 

However, the P90 is still fun to use in casual games, so skin designers have dedicated a lot of time to creating cosmetic items for it. Some are great, while others are modest. In this guide, you’ll discover five of the best ones. If you’re interested in owning one, you can buy it on Tradeit.

About The P90

The P90 is a great weapon in the lower-rank divisions because it deals a lot of damage reliably. With most of the best guns, you’ll need to spend many hours trying to master their spray pattern. If you can’t control their recoil, they’re very ineffective. But the P90 is relatively easy to control.

With some future buffs, this rifle could become one of the most utilized in CS:GO.

The Best CS:GO Skins Designed For The P90

Here are some excellent skins that you should have a look at for your P90.

1. Emerald Dragon

Emerald Dragon is a Classified SMG skin that belongs to the Operation Bravo Case. This is one of the most prestigious weapon cases in CS:GO and its price is as high as that of a AAA game.

The case’s rarity, combined with the skin, makes this item quite expensive. The low-end models will cost around $100, while the high-end ones will cost more than $600. If you want to buy a StatTrak-enabled version, the price can easily reach $1500.

Visually, this skin depicts a Chinese dragon. In Asian culture, dragons don’t look as menacing as they do in Western culture. So they’re depicted in a very different way. But the skin still inspires a feeling of awe.

It’s a good idea to purchase at least a Field Tested model because the image of the dragon featured on the skin is quite sensitive to scratches. The Minimal Wear and Factory New options are even better.

2. Astral Jormungandr

P90 CS:GO Skins
P90 CS:GO Skins

Visually, this P90 skin is very easy to distinguish from the rest. The powerful combination of teal and green, mixed with a bit of brown and some fancy Norse patterns, is impossible to forget. Once you see it, it gets stuck in your mind for a long time.

This skin costs between $200 and $300 and can be found in The Norse Collection. It is a Restricted SMG skin, but the fact that it belongs to a very rare collection makes it rare implicitly and the price reflects that.

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3. Run and Hide

Run and Hide are a Classified SMG skin from The Ancient Collection. It looks like tiger skin, which makes the gun look terrifying. That’s why the name is Run and Hide.

The price of this skin ranges from $150 to around $350. Depending on the seller, it might cost a bit less or a bit more.

This is one of those skins that must be bought in Minimal Wear or Factory New condition. The lower the float value, the better, because the pattern covers the entire surface of the gun and every major scratch is visible.

4. Death by Kitty

P90 CS:GO Skins
P90 CS:GO Skins

Death by Kitty are one of the strangest-looking P90 skins on the market. It’s very colorful, and it depicts a lot of strange figures. Its rarity class is Covert, and on top of that, it belongs to an old weapon case: eSports 2013 Case

These characteristics make it highly demanded and because of that, the price is a bit high: $30 – $60. The StatTrak-enabled model can cost up to $250. 

5. Cold Blooded

This Classified skin gives the weapon a battle-tested aspect. It paints it red and puts an interesting pattern on it to make it more recognizable. The price is somewhere around $50.

You can find this skin in the CS:GO Weapon Case 2. This is one of the oldest gun cases in CS:GO.

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Other P90 Skins

Here are 5 more P90 skins that are worth checking:

  • Asiimov
  • Death Grip
  • Trigon
  • Sunset Lily
  • Blind Spot