Best G3SG1 CS:GO Skins

In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive the G3SG1 is used from time to time in the Silver and Gold Nova divisions by players who don’t feel confident enough to buy the AWP but would still like to utilize a powerful sniper rifle, we will show you the best G3SG1 CS:GO skins.

In high-level competitive games, this weapon is very rarely bought. And the reason is easy to understand. At $5000, it’s not practical and puts you in a dangerous position because of its relatively slow rate of fire.

With that amount of money, you could buy yourself a proper rifle, full armor, a defuse kit and some grenades. Only a troll would choose the G3SG1, or a player who has $16.000 and knows that his team has already won.

That aside, the G3SG1 still has some interesting skins that you can buy on Tradeit. Some of them look really nice and they’re also cheap, thanks in part to the reasons detailed above.

Here are some of the best G3SG1 skins in CS:GO.

1. Chronos

G3SG1 CS:GO Skins
G3SG1 CS:GO Skins

This skin costs around $210 – $250 and belongs to The Gods and Monsters Collection. This is by far the most expensive skin for the G3SG1, and its Restricted rarity class makes it quite rare, considering the fact that it also belongs to a very rare collection.

Owning this skin would put you on a list of collectors who own the best cosmetic item for a sniper that could potentially be buffed in the future. If that happens, the price of this skin will go through the roof. It might take 2-3 years for that to happen, but it’s a possibility.

It’s always a good idea to own the best skin for a particular weapon, even if that weapon is not particularly popular. You never know when the situation will change.

Given the small price difference between the Battle Scarred and Factory New models, you should invest in the Factory New model. At the very least, a Minimal Wear or Field Tested one should be bought. 

There’s no point in purchasing this skin unless you want to hold it long-term and wait for an important game update. When that happens, everyone will be looking to buy a good G3SG1 skin, and a Minimal Wear or Factory New version of the Chronos will be in high demand.

2. Violet Murano

This Mil-Spec skin from The Canals Collection generally costs between $13 and $18. Visually, it doesn’t have anything particularly impressive, but it does look decent. There are shades of blue and purple on it, as well as a lot of grey and black.

This is one of those skins that can be bought in any condition, and you’ll often find that the Battle Scarred models cost more than the Field-Tested ones.

More about the Violet Murano skin here.

3. Flux

This very beautiful skin makes the weapon look like it comes from the future. The combination of purple and white creates a powerful contrast, and you will instantly like the design.

This skin has a StatTrak version, but the price for a Factory New, StatTrak enabled model can reach $50. If you want something very basic, the price is 10 times lower.

This is a Classified skin from the Shadow Case, which means it’s not very rare. The price reflects this fact.

Buy and Trade Flux one of the best G3SG1 CS:GO skins.

4. Demeter

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If you want decent skin from the famous Operation Bravo Case, Demeter is one of the cheapest. It costs between $3 and $10 but you’ll need to pay almost triple for the StatTrak version.

Visually, this skin mixes shades of blue with many gray shapes and some orange rectangles. There’s not much to like about it visually, but it’s still a prestigious item from one of the most legendary weapon cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

5. High Seas

This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for a G3SG1 skin that looks amazing and is extremely cheap. For just $2, you can have a Factory New version of one of the best-looking skins for this gun. You can find it in the Horizon Case, and its rarity class is Restricted.

The design of this skin makes the weapon look like it’s from a few centuries ago. The use of yellow, brown and white is really smart, and the whole surface of the gun is covered in patterns. There’s absolutely no boring inch on this skin, and you’ll be delighted to own it.

More about the High Seas here, buy and trade.