Best M249 CS:GO Skins

The M249 CS:GO skins are a costly weapon with several defects that make it unusable at the highest competitive level. However, this weapon is still fun to use in casual games. Multiple game modes include it, and the CS:GO community likes to go wild with it from time to time.

The M249 CS:GO skins are not light machine guns. It is quite a heavy one and offers a high ammo capacity. However, if you want increased accuracy, you’ll need to practice for many hours. Otherwise, it’s hard to control its wild recoil.

Some guns have a slow fire rate but are easy to control. This one has an excellent fire rate but will miss almost every bullet if you don’t know what you’re doing. For experienced players who love unusual weapons, it is the perfect choice for certain game modes. But don’t use it in Competitive because you’ll get reported.

If you’re interested in M249 skins, you will find some of the best on the list below.

1. M249 – Shipping Forecast

M249 CS:GO Skins

These M249 CS:GO skins can be found in the Gods and Monsters Collection. However, given the quality of the CS:GO skins from that collection, you probably don’t want to open this one. Nevertheless, this Industrial Grade machinegun can be found in it and bought on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

The price is quite cheap: $10 – $15. If you purchase it, you should buy the Minimal Wear or Factory New models because they look much better. The visual design of this skin relies heavily on a single color, so every scratch can be easily spotted.

2. M249 – Blizzard Marbleized

You can find this skin in the Office Collection. The price varies greatly because of the color. A Factory New model will look nice, while a Battle Scar model will look bad. The price reflects that quality difference: $2.5 – $113.

3. M249 – Jungle

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This is a Consumer Grade machinegun skin that’s both cheap and nice-looking. It’s nothing spectacular, but it belongs to the St. Marc Collection, which might raise its price considerably in the future. You can now buy it for just $1 – $2, giving your M249 a better aspect.

4. M249 – Downtown

This Restricted skin can be found in the Recoil case and can also be bought cheaply. The most expensive models cost under $3. However, if you want the skin to be StatTrak enabled, you will need to pay $6.

This skin is very colorful and has a futuristic aspect. Its arrows look like graffiti.

5. M249 – Nebula Crusader

M249 CS:GO Skins
M249 CS:GO Skins

This is another Restricted skin that looks great for M249 standards. A lot of work has gone into it, but you can have it for just $1 – $3. The StatTrak version costs $7 if you want the Factory New model.

Some compelling images are featured on this skin, and the combination of red, blue, and orange gives it an appealing visual.

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