Best MAC-10 CS:GO Skins

The MAC-10 CS:GO skins are probably the best weapon to buy in the game when playing against unarmored enemies equipped only with pistols. At close range, this gun is hard to beat with a pistol. You’ll usually need an instant headshot to win the duel; otherwise, you will be dead in less than a second.

This gun shoots 800 rounds per minute or around 13 rounds per second. This is more than enough to kill a target in 0.25 – 0.5 seconds. And the odds of missing are slim if you fight at close range. Usually, a player using this gun can fight against several enemies simultaneously and win.

Given the popularity of the MAC-10 for anti-eco rounds, it’s not a surprise that some of the best skins in CS:GO were designed for it. In this guide, you’ll learn about five of them.

1. Hot Snakes

This is the most expensive CS:GO skin for this weapon and its aspect is menacing. The price ranges from $100 to more than $230, and the reason is simple. The skin belongs to The Havoc Collection and has the Classified rarity class. 

Given the extreme rarity of its collection and the fact that you have a chance of less than 4% to find it when you open a case, it’s quite surprising that it doesn’t cost a lot more.

The best option is to buy a Field-Tested Hot Snakes model. But if you can afford it, going for the Minimal Wear or even Factory New version is going to be quite profitable in a few years. The game is currently growing year after year, and that naturally increases the price of rare skins.

Visually, the skin depicts a snake’s skin with all kinds of patterns on it. The dominant colors are brown and white-yellow. There’s also a little bit of black mixed in to give it even more contrast. This is one of those expensive skins not only because of their rarity but also because of their beauty.

2. Red Filigree

MAC-10 CS:GO skins
MAC-10 CS:GO skins

This skin belongs to The Canals Collection, which automatically makes it rare. It’s only a Restricted skin in that collection and you probably won’t necessarily want to find it when opening the case because there are better skins in it. But you’ll still be happy with your find.

The price of Red Filigree ranges between $60 and $100. Sometimes, it can cost even more. Visually, the red patterns are quite beautiful, but they don’t give the gun an imposing aspect. Rather, just like the floral patterns, they relax your eye.

Try to buy a Minimal Wear model or at least a Field-Tested one for best results. You’ll usually find both of them available on Tradeit.

3. Copper Borre

Copper Borre belongs to The Norse Collection and it features some symbols that are presumably taken from Norse mythology. The colors are well-mixed and give the skin a classy aspect. 

The skin’s brilliance is that it mixes shades of brown without introducing a different color for contrast. But because of how those colors were mixed using elegant patterns, the whole design stands out with ease despite its simplicity.

The price of this skin ranges between $60 and $70. But depending on the seller, it can go a bit higher. With skins like this, a Minimal Wear or a Factory New purchase is highly recommended. Otherwise, much of the beauty is lost because of the scratches.

4. Stalker

MAC-10 CS:GO skins
MAC-10 CS:GO skins

Stalker depicts a ferocious beast, and its colors are wild. This is not one of those classy, silent skins. It’s wild, and it screams at your opponents.

Visually, the skin mixes yellow, teal, black, and some very interesting patterns, some of which are easy to interpret. The highlight is the animal depicted near the back of the gun.

You can find this skin in the Shattered Web Case, and the cost ranges between $10 and $55. If you want the StatTrak model, you’ll need to pay a lot more. The high-end versions of this skin cost more than $300.

5. Case Hardened

Case Hardened is easy to recognize because of the popularity of this skin family. There are all sorts of patterns that you can find, but all of them mix strange colors like blue, orange, and red. The combination gives the skin its characteristic Case-Hardened look.

You’ll find this MAC-10 skin in The 2021 Dust 2 Collection and the prices start at around $25. They can go above $30 and the souvenir version can cost even $50 if you want a Factory New model. The rarity class of the skin is Restricted.

This type of skin doesn’t necessarily need to be bought in a low-float value version. It looks quite decent even if it’s a Field-Tested one. But the lower the float value, the better.

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