Best Five-SeveN CS:GO Skins

The Five-SeveN CS:GO skins are one of the best pistols. Its cost is $500, but the improvements it offers over the default pistol are significant.

One of the most important aspects of this gun is that it kills with a single bullet in case of a headshot, even if the target is armored. This makes it perfect for force-buy rounds. In the right hands, it will greatly increase the chance of an unexpected win.

The Five-SeveN ignores the target’s armor almost completely. The difference is roughly 10%. This means you’ll need 1-4 bullets in both cases to get the job done, as long as you don’t hit the target in the leg 4 times.

In the case of many players, the gun will kill with 3 bullets, which can be shot in less than half a second.

The qualities of this pistol have attracted a lot of attention over the years. CS:GO designers created lots of colorful skins for the Five-SeveN, and this guide will show you some of the most spectacular.

Here are 5 of the best Five-SeveN CS:GO skins.

1. Neon Kimono

This is a Restricted pistol skin that makes use of a neon color. In this particular case, that color looks greenish-yellow. The rest of the gun is grey, which means that the emphasis is put on the top side of the Five-SeveN, making it stand out.

Because it belongs to The Rising Sun Collection, this skin costs between $150 and $250. The price is fully justified, given the rarity of the item. This is one of those skins that can be purchased in Field Tested or even Well Worn condition, and it will still look decent.

But if you want to sell it easily in several years to a collector, you should purchase the Minimal Wear or Factory new version.

2. Crimson Blossom

The colors used by this skin and the way in which they are mixed is quite elegant. Just one look at this cosmetic item lets you know why Valve selected it for The St. Marc Collection.

The price ranges between $50 and $80. Even though it’s just a Mil-Spec grade pistol skin, the rarity of the collection greatly increases its own rarity.

Because of the uniformity of the colors, this skin is a bit sensitive to scratches and will quickly lose its beauty above a certain flat value. Because of that, buying a Field-Tested model or better is highly recommended.

More about Crimson Blossom here, buy and trade.

3. Fall Hazard

If you love colorful CS:GO skins, this one is full of color. But because it can be found only in a few souvenir packages, the price is quite high. The souvenir version costs between $40 and $150, while the standard one can cost even $1500 because of its extreme rarity.

Visually, the skin makes the Five-SeveN look like a wall full of graffiti. The main colors used are blue, green, and orange. But there are also shades of red and black. The bottom side of the pistol is left grey.

This is the typical example of skin that looks amazing but only if the float value is low enough. Anything above 0.4 seriously chips away from its beauty.

4. Candy Apple

Candy Apple utilizes a mix of red and black, and it does it in a very stylish way. The pistol looks both highlighted and menacing when utilizing this skin, and the result is pleasing to the eye.

The price of the skin ranges between $40 and $60. Even though it’s just an Industrial grade pistol skin, the fact that it belongs to The Assault Collection automatically gives it value. And the visual further enhances its prestige.

At any given time, hundreds of people are waiting in line to buy this skin on the Steam Market. You’ll often find it available on Tradeit as well.

more about the Candy Apple skin for CS:GO on

5. Hyper Beast

It’s incredible just how powerful the Hyper Beast design looks on the Five-SeveN. Both the tip of the gun and the handle look terrifying. And it’s quite difficult to know that you’re seeing a Five-SeveN when this skin is utilized. That’s how big the difference is.

The price of the skin ranges from $10 to $70. However, if you want the StatTrak version of the Factory New model, the price can be three times higher than this. You will find this cosmetic item in the Operation Hydra Case, but the cost-effective option is to buy it directly.