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Trade Dota 2 Skins

Dota 2, the popular MOBA game, is well-known for its plethora and quality inventory of skins and items. Trading these skins has become an essential part of the Dota 2 community, and several sites are dedicated to it. Today, Tradeit.gg is among the best sites for trading Dota 2 skins and also the best-rated Dota 2 trading site by Trustpilot reviewers.

Why Tradeit.gg is the Best Rated Dota 2 Trading Site

There are several key reasons why Tradeit.gg is the best-rated Dota 2 trading website. Let's take a closer look at some crucial part of the services and features we provide that makes user regard us as the best place for trading, buying, and selling skins.


Tradeit highly values security. Before releasing the skins from the trade offer, our website employs an escrow method to ensure both sides are secure and happy with the transaction. 

Moreover, Tradeit.gg exclusively conducts trades via the secure Steam Trade Offers protocol.

Since you log in using your Steam account, you can avoid worrying about setting a new username and password. And don't worry, we have security measures in place to guarantee that you won't fall victim to any Steam web API scam.

Automatic Price Suggestions

Tradeit.gg uses a trusted algorithm that analyzes market trends and suggests fair item prices. This function ensures that users are not overpaying for items or listing them too cheap and can get the best deal possible when they make a Dota 2 item trade.

This feature is perfect for beginners making their first trade in Dota 2 to be confident that you're pricing your items correctly.

Note that very rare skins can affect the prices significantly, and it might be a good idea to do your own research as well.

Free Skins Giveaways

On our website, we often hold free skins raffles so that users may win skins and receive incentives while trading. These freebies are a great chance to test the website and win some great skins. Our giveaways are unique in that obtaining raffle tickets just requires trading, which is great.

Our community welcomes these bonuses, and this is part of why we are rated the best site by our users.

Highly Regarded Affiliate System

Tradeit.gg's affiliate system is highly regarded in the Dota 2 community. By referring friends to the site, users can earn a sign-up bonus for their friends and 1% on all trades made by their referrals.

Fast Dota 2 Trade Bot

Dota 2 skins trade bots from Tradeit are amazingly quick and effective. The bots may process thousands of deals simultaneously, guaranteeing that users receive their skins swiftly.

You can trade your items quickly without actively looking for buyers and sellers by using a Dota 2 trade bot. Nonetheless, it's crucial to employ a reliable bot like ours and to be vigilant about scammers.

Low fees

Because of its minimal costs, Tradeit.gg is regarded as one of the top websites for skin trading. The platform levies different transaction fees for buying and selling as well as for trading skins with their bots.

  • Users may anticipate a transaction charge of 2% + $0.05 per deal when swapping skins using Tradeit.gg's bots.
  • Depending on the item and the trade hold, an additional 0-13% charge can apply. 

We are working to keep our users' costs low and maintain the lowest fees while still providing free incentives to enhance the experience.

What Are Dota 2 Items?

Dota 2 items are frequently seen as enhancing the heroes' visual appeal. Among these things might be fresh skins and different spell animations. Players may buy these and other items through the Dota 2 store or the Steam Marketplace or trade for them on websites like Tradeit.gg, where you'll likely get better deals.

Yet, it wouldn't be totally accurate to refer to Dota 2 items as "skins." Items are used in-game, as well as consumables and other equipment. If you were making an item build for a hero, these are the items you would look for rather than cosmetics.

Base Shop and Secret Shop in Dota 2

Dota 2 has two main shops for purchasing items: the Base Shop and the Secret Shop.

The Base Shop - contains most purchasable items and is located in each team's base. In order to access the shop, heroes must be within its effective radius just outside the Fountain.

The Secret Shop - on the other hand, contains exclusive items that are required to build specific items and are located near each team's Ancient neutral creep camps. Heroes can purchase any item in Dota 2 as long as they have the required amount of gold, and new items can be purchased by pressing the Shop hotkey while inside the shop radius and then right-clicking the desired item.

How Dota 2 Trading Works

Trading skins in Dota 2 takes place between players. Both sides need a Steam account, Trade URL, and enabled Steam Trade Offers to trade skins or other items. The parties then decide which skins to exchange before confirming the deal over Steam.

Players can relax and don't need to worry as much about becoming the victim of fraud or scams while trading items at safe websites like Tradeit.gg.

How to Trade Dota 2 Skins on Tradeit.gg

To begin trading Dota 2 skins on Tradeit, ensure you've enabled your Steam Trade Offers and created a Steam Trade URL.

Just adhere to these easy instructions to trade Dota 2 items.

  1. Start by registering a new account with your Steam login information.
  2. Validate your email address.
  3. Provide your Steam trade URL.
  4. Go through the skins offered on Tradeit and select the one you wish to exchange for.
  5. The Dota 2 trade bot will finalize the transaction once you've found a skin you wish to trade for a skin from your inventory to exchange it with. 

You may also trade skins on Steam's marketplace website by manually looking for a potential trade partner and turning on Steam Guard. But, trading outside secure sites like Tradeit.gg carries potential risks and puts you at risk for fraud or scams.

At Tradeit, you can also pay or deposit money to buy a Dota 2 item using Bitcoin, ether, Tether, and USD Coin. You can also top up your account using Bancontact, Alipay, Card, and Ideal.

Dota 2 Items Trade Lock Explained

Items in Dota 2 can occasionally get trade locked, which prevents trading, purchasing, or selling them for a set time frame, often 7 days. This happens when the item is obtained through the in-game store, Steam's Marketplace, or traded with a user.

Frequently Asked Questions for Dota 2 Trading

What is Dota 2 trading?

Dota 2 trading involves the exchange of in-game items and cosmetic skins among players. This allows players to obtain new items, personalize their gaming experience, and connect with other members of the Dota 2 community. 

A Dota 2 trade can be made through various channels, including the Steam Community Market, third-party trading platforms such as Tradeit.gg, or by trading directly with other players within the game itself.

Is Dota 2 trading legit?

As a leading Dota 2 trading platform, we can assure you that Dota 2 trading is a legitimate and widely accepted practice within the game community and its developer, Valve. Thousands of players do Dota 2 trading daily through various channels, including the Steam Community Market and other trading sites like Tradeit.gg. 

To avoid falling for con artists' tricks, it's crucial only to trade Dota skins on recognized websites.

Why should you trade Dota 2 skins with Tradeit?

Dota 2 players should use Tradeit.gg to trade their skins for various reasons. Our platform provides a broad range of features, including a secure and user-friendly interface, suggested prices, quick transfers, and a dedicated customer support team accessible to help with any queries or problems that could crop up throughout the trading process. 

We also provide a function called Invest, unlike other Dota 2 trading sites, where you may profit from the skins you have in your inventory.

How do I determine the value of my Dota 2 items?

You may estimate the value of your Dota 2 items in various ways. Based on our historical sales data, Tradeit.gg recommends a reasonable price for your cosmetics and items. This eliminates the element of guessing in your item pricing. 

If you'd rather assess the worth independently, look up the costs of comparable items on Dota 2 trade platforms like Tradeit.gg or the Steam Community Market. Keep in mind the item's rarity, condition, and market demand when you trade and buy Dota 2 items.

What are the most valuable Dota 2 items?

The most expensive Dota 2 item ever sold is the Legacy Ethereal Flames Wardog at $38,000. Other valuable skins worth mentioning are the Dragonclaw Hook and the Alpine Set Ursa. These three items are so valuable because they've become extremely rare due to different circumstances. 

How do I avoid getting scammed when trading Dota 2 items?

It's critical to always transact with trustworthy and confirmed dealers in order to protect yourself from fraud in the Dota 2 market. Utilize reputable trading sites like Tradeit.gg, and always confirm that other parties' names are the same as displayed in the trade box when you make an offer. Don't provide any personal information. Always double-check the worth of the products you are exchanging, and be skeptical of offers that appear too good to be true.

Can I trade Dota 2 items for real money?

At Tradeit.gg you can trade Dota 2 items for crypto or exchange them for other in-game items or balance on the platform. However, it is against Steam's terms of service to sell items for real money outside of their official Dota 2 market. Therefore, we do not support selling Dota 2 items directly for cash.