Best SCAR-20 CS:GO Skins

Despite not being used in professional matches, SCAR-20 CS:GO skins are fun to use in the Silver, and Gold Nova ranks from time to time. It costs $5000, which is one of the main reasons players rarely choose to buy it, but it can deal a lot of damage if you know what to do with it.

For such a rarely used gun, the SCAR-20 has plenty of excellent skins that you can buy. Some cost $50 – $100, while others cost just a few dollars. Just like with any purchase, it’s important to know in advance why you’re interested in buying a high-quality cosmetic for this weapon.

If you’re expecting a future CS:GO update to make the gun more viable, then you should invest in one of the best skins because everyone will be searching for them. But if you want a nice-looking SCAR-20 skin for personal use and want to minimize costs, you should buy something cheaper than $5 on Tradeit.

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best SCAR2-20 CS:GO skins that you can own.

1. Brass

This skin may not look all that impressive, but it’s one of the most expensive SCAR-20 skins that you can buy. It belongs to The Norse Collection, and its rarity class is Mil-Spec. This makes it very common inside the collection but still hard to obtain because of the rarity of the collection.

The price of this cosmetic item is $60 – $80. Visually, you won’t find anything fancy on this skin. It’s just a combination of yellow and black, which gives it a good contrast. But that’s about it.

2. Cyrex

SCAR-20 CS:GO Skins
SCAR-20 CS:GO Skins

Cyrex is superb-looking skin from the Huntsman Weapon Case. The rarity class is Classified, and the price reflects that. You’ll have to pay between $30 and $60 for this skin, and some people sell it at an even higher price. The StatTrak version can cost up to $100.

The visual design mixes white, red, and black very elegantly. Because of the stylistic choices, this skin is instantly recognizable and will stay in your mind for a long time.

3. Emerald

Despite being just a combination of green and black colors, this skin looks very imposing and will stand out in every situation. The cost ranges between $25 and $50. For optimal results, try to buy the Factory New model or at least a Minimal Wear one.

Whenever designers use one primary color for most of their skin, scratches are much easier to notice.

This skin belongs to The Alpha Collection, whose rarity is well-known. This is why it costs so much, even though it’s just a Restricted Sniper Rifle skin.

Check more about the Emerald skin for CS:GO here.

4. Cardiac

This skin was designed to stand out and inspire fear. The scope is blue and black, while much of the rest of the gun is blue and red. The colors are very well chosen, making the skin quite appealing.

This Classified cosmetic item costs between $3 and $14. The StatTrak model can cost up to $45. You’ll find it in the Operation Vanguard Weapon Case.

5. Crimson Web

SCAR-20 CS:GO Skins
SCAR-20 CS:GO Skins

If you’re familiar with the Crimson Web knives, this SCAR-20 skin will look very familiar. It uses the exact same theme and does a brilliant job of making the gun look menacing. And the best part is that it costs below $10.

This skin belongs to the CS:GO Weapon Case 2, one of the oldest gun cases in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.