Best USP-S CS:GO Skins

The USP-S CS:GO skins are the default pistol for the Counter-Terrorist team. This gun has received much attention from designers for a good reason. Some skins can cost more than $100, and quite a few of them exist.

In this guide, you will discover five of the best USP-S CS:GO skins. All of them have the quality of being prestigious, and they also happen to be impressive from a visual standpoint. The price, in every case, tends to reflect that, but not as much as in the case of other CS:GO skins.

The Strengths of The USP-S

The USP-S has the quality of being easy to control Its main flaw is the damage it deals against armored targets. You’ll need to hit such targets 4-6 times to get a kill. Or you could land a few headshots. Against unarmored targets, one headshot or 3 chest bullets are sufficient.

Many professional players love this pistol and have mastered it to the point where they can easily land headshots. There are plenty of highlights on YouTube that show you quad kills and aces with the USP-S. And what they advertise is true: this pistol is very strong.

You don’t need to invest in another pistol as a CT player. You might buy yourself a Deagle or a CZ75 if you’re good with them, but most players will choose to always use the default option.

The Best USP-S Skins

Here are some of the best USP-S skins that you can find own in CS:GO.

1. Target Acquired

This Classified pistol skin belongs to The Control Collection and costs around $100. Some Factory New models can cost a bit more because of their low float value. But in most cases, with $100 you can buy yourself a nice model.

Visually, this skin looks awesome. Its burgundy color makes it look a bit noisier than it is and draws a lot of attention. There are also plenty of basic patterns, which create a nice contrast.

2. Dark Water

This is a CS:GO skin from the CS:GO Weapon Case, which makes it very old. Despite being just a Restricted pistol skin, the fact that it belongs to such a prestigious collection means that its price is significantly higher than that of a typical Restricted USP-S skin. You can expect to pay $45 – $55 for it. In some cases, the price can go even higher.

This skin visually makes the pistol’s silencer look much more voluminous. The white and grey patterns are mixed in a very intelligent way, and they make the gun feel like it’s perfectly concealed if your agent uses camouflage.

This skin also has a StatTrak enabled version. This version’s price is roughly twice as expensive as the standard one.

More about the Dark Water skin here, buy and trade on

3. Printstream

This is probably the best USP-S skin that you can buy and its price ranges from $40 to $200. However, if you want a StatTrak model, it will cost you up to $500.

The elegance of this skin is similar to that of every other Printstream skin. The combination of white and black is beautiful, but the downside is that you need at least a Field-Tested model. Otherwise, most of the beauty is lost. 

If you’re serious about owning this skin, you should consider buying the Minimal Wear or Factory New model. You’ll usually find both of them available on Tradeit.

This skin can be found in the Recoil Case, released in 2022. The USP-S Printstream is a Covert skin, which is quite rare. But the case you’ll find it in is cheap, so there’s nothing stopping you from purchasing 100 cases. 

However, if you want to opt for the cost-effective solution, it’s probably better to buy it directly. Both Tradeit and the CS:GO Steam Market will offer you plenty of options at reasonable prices.

4. Kill Confirmed


This is a very unique-looking USP-S skin whose design is amazing. You can find it in the Shadow Case, and its price ranges from $25 to $150. The StatTrak model costs triple.

This is another Covert pistol skin, so don’t expect to find it that easily. Because of its sophisticated visual design, you should aim to buy a low float model. On the high float value ones, the skeleton depicted on the skin and the bullet pattern is partly ruined.

5. Orion


This skin looks very clean, and the appeal is instant. Its rarity class is Restricted, but because it belongs to The Huntsman Collection, the price is quite high: $25 – $60. StatTrak models can reach even $200.

Visually, this skin is unique because it has the gun’s name written on it. The colors used were orange, black, and grey. The highlight falls on the silencer, and the effect is pleasing to the eye.

More about the Orion skin on

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