CS2 Smokes – Complete Smoke Guide

Tired of being a walking target on Dust2? Let’s face it, your enemies laugh every time you peek that corner (and maybe even a little at your smoke grenade skills). This guide is your smoke grenade sensei, ready to turn you from a smoke chucker into a smoke surgeon.

We’ll teach you how to throw smokes with pinpoint precision (or at least get them somewhere in the general vicinity) so you can outsmart those pesky opponents and rack up those sweet, smoky victories. Let’s get this party started (with a well-placed smoke, of course)!

Key Takeaways

  • Strategic use of smokes on maps like Dust 2, Mirage, and others can significantly improve your control over key areas and the overall success of your team.
  • Specific smokes, such as the XBox Smoke on Dust 2 and the CT Smoke on Inferno, are crucial for gaining tactical advantages and safely executing site takes.
  • Mastering smokes on each map requires not just knowledge of smoke locations and lineups but also an understanding of optimal timing and situational application.

Dust 2 CS2 Smokes

Dust 2, a classic CS2 map, offers a collection of unique opportunities for strategic smoke usage. Master the XBox Smoke to blind those pesky AWPers at Mid, or the A Crossing Smoke to safely strut to A Site. For B Site dominance, the B Door and B Window Smokes are your best friends.

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Mirage CS2 Smokes

Moving on to Mirage, another fan-favorite, we find a variety of specialized smokes that can give players a strategic advantage. Just like on Dust 2, understanding when and where to use these smokes can drastically improve your results.

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Vertigo CS2 Smokes

Next up, we have Vertigo. Here, the art of smoking takes a slightly different turn. While the basic principles remain the same, executing successful smokes on Vertigo requires a keen understanding of the map and the speed at which the game progresses.

Nuke CS2 Smokes

On Nuke, smokes play an even more critical role in both T-side and CT-side local strategies. From the Red area to the Under Silo areas, knowing when and where to release your smokes can enhance the difference between a win or a loss. Timing your smokes to strike when the enemy least expects it is crucial.

Inferno CS2 Smokes

Inferno is a map where smokes can really shine. From the CT Smoke on Inferno essential for taking the B site to the Coffins Smoke crucial for Terrorists attacking B site, understanding and executing these smokes can give your team a significant advantage.

Anubis CS2 Smokes

Next, we’ll explore the sands of Anubis, where smoke play can be the key to securing a win. From the Mid Smoke as a Counter-Terrorist to the A Site Connector Smoke from T Side Upper, these smokes can help you control the battlefield and dominate the map.

Ancient CS2 Smokes

Finally, we arrive at Ancient. Here, grasping the intricacies of the most impactful smokes, such as the T-Spawn to Mid Smoke or the CT-Spawn to A Main Smoke, can significantly enhance your team’s strategic plays.


In short, understanding the strategic use of smokes across different CS2 maps can give you a competitive edge, disrupt enemy strategies, and enable better control of the battlefield. So, equip those smoke grenades, learn how to practice smokes in CS2 and let’s get smoking!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some essential smokes for Dust 2 in CS2?

You should definitely master the XBox Smoke, A Crossing Smoke, and B Door Smoke for Dust 2 in CS:GO. These smokes are essential for controlling the map and gaining an advantage.

How can I execute the XBox Smoke in Dust 2?

To execute the XBox Smoke in Dust 2, stand next to the railing in T Spawn, aim at the tip of the building, and perform a jump-throw. This will help you block the line of sight of the CT players at Xbox.

What is the importance of using smokes in CS2?

Using smokes in CS2 is crucial for gaining a strategic advantage, disrupting enemy strategies, and having better control of the battlefield. This can significantly impact the outcome of the game.

Can you explain the Mid Smoke as a Counter-Terrorist on Anubis?

To use the Mid Smoke as a Counter-Terrorist on Anubis, align with the pillar in CT spawn, aim above the corner of the wall, and perform a jump-throw to block vision at Mid. This can help your team control the map better and catch the enemy off guard.

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