Best Nova CS:GO Skins

Shotguns are rarely used in competitive play. But CS:GO does feature some excellent guns in this category. And some of those awesome guns have amazing skins you can find in weapon cases or buy on Tradeit and the Steam Market. Here are some of the best Nova CS:GO skins you can own.

1. Hyper Beast

Hyper Beast is a well-known skin family, and one of the guns it includes is the Nova. This particular skin, Nova Hyper Beast, is a Classified one, and you can find it in the Operation Wildfire Case. However, the odds of getting one are less than 4%, so purchasing this skin is a much better idea. 

The price of Nova Hyper Beast ranges between $8 and $25. For the StatTrak version, you’ll need to pay around double.

The visual design of the skin is famous: lots of colors and patterns suggest the image of a monster. However, because the Nova leaves little room for a proper illustration, the Hyper Beast skin for this gun focuses on the lively colors.

2. Bloomstick

Nova CS:GO Skins
Nova CS:GO Skins

This Nova skin is one of the oldest in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But it’s incredibly well-designed. It makes the weapon shine and has a beautiful mix of red and black. The red portion of the gun is further enhanced with exciting patterns and makes it look like a collection item.

The price of this skin varies between $4 and $48 because the quality difference between the Factory New and Battle Scarred models is huge. Ideally, you’ll want to buy at least a Field Tested or Minimal Wear model and avoid the Well Worn and Battle-Scarred ones.

This Classified skin can be found in the eSports 2014 Summer Case. There aren’t that many available on the market, which is why the price is so high. For some guns, this wouldn’t be a high price. But given the fact that the Nova isn’t used in ranked matches and professional tournaments, almost $50 is a lot.

More about Bloomstick here, buy and trade this skin.

3. Antique

Antique makes the Nova look just like a very old shotgun. And that is why it’s called Antique. This skin is perfect if you like old guns and a rusty feel when using CS:GO weapons. The price is around $10, and the difference between the low-end and the high-end models is very small.

You can find this Classified skin in the Operation Phoenix Weapon Case. This case is relatively common so you can buy it for less than $1.4.

How to Obtain CS:GO Nova Skins

The best Nova skins can be easily found if you’re willing to buy them. But if you want to get them via the case-opening method, you’ll not get them that easily.

Nova CS:GO skins are available in most common CS:GO cases, such as the Shattered Web Collection, the Gamma Case, or the Falchion Case. Nova skins are not exactly rare, but it can still be tricky to find one that’s high-quality. The best method remains the direct purchase, especially if you want to buy cheap CS:GO Nova skins.