Best MP9 CS:GO Skins

The MP9 CS:GO skins are guns that generally get utilized in the 2nd and 17th rounds of each match. The reason is simple: this gun is cheap and works well against unarmored enemies that need to fight at close range using pistols. It kills with just four bullets and can shoot those bullets in less than a third of a second.

This means you can kill several enemies in a few seconds without a major risk of dying. And even if you die, the gun will not do much against armored targets or enemies equipped with M4A4s.

The general tactic when using this gun is to have just one or two players buy it and then send those players first. If they kill everyone, great! If they die, it’s not catastrophic.

Because it’s bought relatively frequently in key rounds of competitive matches, the MP9 has quite a few CS:GO skins that were created for it. Some cost just several dollars, while others cost more than a thousand dollars. This guide will teach you five of the best skins for this weapon.

1. Wild Lilly

This is the hardest skin to find for this gun and also the most beautiful. It depicts Lillies and utilizes a mix of purple shades combined with a little bit of black. The result is impressive and will put you in a good mood when utilizing the MP9.

Any model above the Field-Tested one is good. If you want to get optimal results, you should purchase the Minimal Wear or Factory New version. The beauty of the flowers is too precious to sacrifice.

The price of the skin is high, and it reflects the fact that this is a Classified skin from The St. Marc Collection. Obtaining it using conventional methods could easily cost you more than $5000. 

If you purchase it directly on Tradeit, the cost will be a third of that amount. However, you won’t find it at all times because it is rare skin, and few people are willing to sell it.

2. Stained Glass

MP9 CS:GO Skins
MP9 CS:GO Skins

Stained Glass belongs to The Canals Collection and can cost up to $200. Sometimes, the price can go even higher if the model is Factory New and has a low float value.

The visual design of this skin is really nice. The notion of stained glass comes from gothic churches, and this skin accurately captures their look and feel. The shades of blue are beautifully mixed, and the skin creator decided to add a little bit of red to generate more contrast.

The rarity class of this skin is only Restricted. But because it belongs to a prestigious collection, obtaining it is difficult. This is reflected in the price.

The design is a bit sensitive to scratches, which is why the difference between low-end and high-end models can be as high as $125. When buying rarities like this one, you should invest in a Minimal Wear or Factory New Model. At the lowest, a Field-Tested one should be your aim.

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3. Pandora’s Box

This MP9 skin is a bit strange and features lots of eyes on a blue background. This makes the eyeballs stand out and they look really creepy. You should only buy this skin if you’re comfortable with its design.

The skin price is between $80 and $120, depending on the float value of the model. Pandora’s Box belongs to The Gods and Monsters Collection and its name is quite famous in mythology.

4. Bulldozer

Bulldozer is a great skin with a fitting name for what this gun is supposed to accomplish against unarmored and poorly equipped opponents. Its color is a strong yellow that immediately makes you think of a bulldozer.

This Restricted SMG skin belongs to The Assault Collection and costs between $25 and $600. However, because of how sensitive it is to scratches, it’s best to buy at least a Minimal Wear model.

5. Hot Rod

If you want to own an MP9 skin that looks menacing, this one is one of the best options. It’s completely red and will stand out in every situation. Few skins capture the attention of a player’s eyes better than this one.

Hot Rod is relatively cheap than the other MP9 skins on this list. You can get it for $30 – $40. If you want to find it on your own, you must open souvenir packages from The Mirage Collection. It’s only a Mil-Spec skin, so you will probably find it relatively easily. But the packages themselves are quite expensive.

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