Best CS2 Stickers – TOP 8

The game’s customization choices aren’t complete without the best CS2 stickers, which players can use to customize their weapons and inject some personality into their gameplay.

It can be overwhelming for players to know which stickers are the best and cheapest, given the variety offered in the game, from military to anime stickers. 

The Best Cheap CS2 Stickers

Here are some of the best CS2 stickers

  • Dinked Sticker
  • FaZe Clan (Holo) | Katowice 2019
  • Natus Vincere (Holo) | Katowice 2019
  • Crown foil Katowice (2014)
  • Chi-Bomb Sticker
  • Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule 
  • Foil Boston Sticker
  • Till Death Do Us Part Sticker
  • Chelo (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022
  • Fnatic (Foil) | Katowice 2014
  • Great wave foil stickers 
  • Liquid fire holo
  • Master  Guardian elite holo
  • BnTeT | Katowice 2019
  • Astralis (Holo) | Katowice 2019
  • Unicorn holo
  • KennyS (Gold) | Krakow 2017
  • Skadoodle (Gold) | Boston 2018

This guide’s discussion of the finest cheap CS2 stickers will give readers an idea of which stickers are essential for their collection.

Let’s see check the best CS2 stickers available in the game, whether you’re a collector, trader, or simply looking to give your weapons some flair.

1. Sticker | Dinked 

CS2 Sticker - Dinked
  • Price: $1.41

Dinked sticker is renowned as the least expensive CS2 sticker in the steam market. An enemy player who has been headshot will have a “dink” on their helmet or head, resulting from the successful hit. With a picture of a bullet hole appearing on the weapon, the dinked sticker is intended to mimic this effect.

Dinked stickers are only used for aesthetic purposes in CS2 and have no bearing on gameplay. Players can paste stickers to personalize and distinguish their weapons from others. As headshots are frequently regarded as a sign of proficiency, some players may use dinked stickers to demonstrate their accuracy and skill in the game.

2. Sticker | Chi-bomb 

CS Sticker | Chi-bomb
  • Price: $1.48

The “Chi-bomb” sticker has a yellow backdrop and a cartoonish bomb with a red star and a Chinese dragon motif. In the game, equipment and weapons can have the Chi-bomb sticker applied to change their appearance. Some players amass valuable and uncommon stickers, such as the Chi-bomb, to flaunt their money and position in the community.

You can paste this sticker on any of your CS2 weapons and scratch it to make it appear more used. You can scrape the same sticker several times, slightly wearing it down each time until it is present on your weapon.

It’s important to note that stickers only affect appearance and have no bearing on gameplay. However, they can give your in-game items a special touch to set them apart from other players’ gear.

3. Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule 

CS2 sticker - Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule 
  • Price: $0.34

It is one of the cheapest stickers in CS2. The Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule is a collection of stickers featuring the logos and designs of the top-performing teams from the Antwerp 2022 tournament. Each sticker in the capsule has a different rarity level and includes team and player autograph stickers.

You may stick that sticker on any weapon you own and scratch it to make it appear more used. You can scrape the same sticker several times until it is removed from the weapon, slightly wearing it down each time.  These are often used to customize players’ in-game profiles or to affix them to weapon skins. 

Players can also use the stickers to encourage their favorite players and teams by displaying them on their gear. The stickers included in the Antwerp 2022 Legends Sticker Capsule are a limited edition; thus, they won’t be offered for sale after the competition. Therefore, these stickers might become valuable and highly demanded in the trading community.

4. Sticker | NBK Foil Boston 2018 

  • Price: $6.22

CS2’s NBK Foil Boston 2018 sticker is a decorative item that may be glued onto in-game weaponry. The France-based professional CS2 player Nathan “NBK-” Schmitt is depicted on the sticker, made available during the Boston 2018 Major. Players can paste the sticker on their weapons to personalize their appearance and express support for NBK or their preferred team. 

When trading, it can also increase the value of a weapon’s skin because some traders and collectors might be looking for particular stickers to finish their collections or enhance the look of their weapons.

This sticker could give a player a slight psychological edge by terrifying opponents who might see it and assume that the player wearing it is a devoted fan or an accomplished player.

5. Sticker | Till Death Do Us Part 

CS2 Sticker | Till Death Do Us Part 
  • Price: $1.46

One of the most popular CS2 stickers, the “Till Death Do Us Part” sticker, is placed on gear or weapons. The phrase “Till Death Do Us Part” is placed beneath a picture of a skull holding a rose in its mouth.

These stickers can be purchased from the in-game store. You can also trade these with other players. Once acquired, the sticker can be attached to any item or weapon with a sticker slot. Due to its distinctive style and content, the “Till Death Do Us Part” sticker, in particular, has gained popularity among players.

6. Sticker | Chelo (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022

CS2 Sticker | Chelo (Glitter) | Antwerp 2022

Any weapon in the game can be decorated with this sticker, created to honor the Chelo Antwerp 2022 occasion. These Stickers in CS2 are solely cosmetic goods with no bearing on gameplay. In addition to displaying support for favored players or teams, they are used to customize weapons with distinctive designs. 

Players can affix these Stickers to weapons, knives, and other equipment in various orientations and placements. Stickers may prove helpful in the trade community and aesthetically pleasing. Stickers are a well-liked item among collectors and traders because rare and well-liked stickers may be swapped for high values on trading websites.

7. Sticker | Fnatic (Foil) | Katowice 2014

CS2 Sticker | Fnatic (Foil) | Katowice 2014
  • Price: $2.86

One of the cheapest stickers in the game, this sticker has the reflective foil finish of the Fnatic team logo. In CS2, players can add stickers to their weapons to make them more unique and to support their favorite players or teams. Its Color scheme is unknown. Most CS2 players or collectors adore this Sticker because of its scarcity and the prestige attached to having a piece of CS2 history. 

This sticker is used as a medium of exchange in CS2 trading. Players frequently exchange things for a Fnatic (Foil) Katowice sticker, as its worth fluctuates over time depending on supply and demand. This is a unique and priceless addition to any CS2 player’s inventory or trading portfolio.

8. Sticker | Bntet Katowice 2019

CS2 Sticker | Bntet Katowice 2019
  • Price: $0.84

This sticker is used in the game to adorn and customize your loadout by sticking it on weapons. Players can utilize it to assist Greyhound Gaming and BnTeT by displaying their support.

The sticker is only aesthetic and has no bearing on gameplay. These stickers can, however, retain significant value depending on their scarcity and popularity, and some players enjoy collecting and selling them.

Final Words:

Many alternatives are available to fit every budget and style in the vast and diverse world of CS2 stickers. Our guide has mentioned the inexpensive solutions that can give your weaponry a special touch or let everyone know you support your favorite teams and players. So, go ahead and get one of your favorites. 

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