The New CS2 Knife – The Kukri Knife

Interested in the new CS2 knife, the Kukri Knife? This guide tells you all you need to know and presents its available skins.

In CS2, players can use more than a dozen different knives, each with their own amazing skins. The Kukri Knife is the new CS2 knife introduced by Valve this month to give players a reason to be excited. 

As usual, the new knife came with lots of beautiful skins that you can find on Tradeit and the Steam Market. In this guide, you will learn more about the Kukri Knife and its associated skins.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kukri Knife is a new addition to CS2, featuring a unique design based on a historical Nepalese blade.
  • You can get the Kukri Knife through the Kilowatt Case or trading, and there are many skins available, with the Crimson Web being one of the most popular.
  • Mastering the Kukri Knife requires understanding its close-range combat advantage and its distinct animations, which might affect draw speed and timing.

The Kukri Knife in Counter Strike 2: A New Addition

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

The Kukri Knife has gained quite a bit of traction among players for its unique design and functionality. It was introduced into the game by the much-anticipated Call to Arms update, along with lots of cosmetics that I’ll present later in this guide.

You can equip the Kukri Knife in practice mode using console commands to examine its movements and animations. This not only gives you a first-hand experience of the knife but also helps you improve your timing with the weapon.

To equip this knife, open the developer console using ~ and then type these commands:

sv_cheats true

mp_drop_knife_enable // this will allow you to drop your knife; after dropping it, use this:

subclass_create 526

subclass_change 526

After typing in these commands, pick up the Kukri Knife and practice with it.

Make sure that your developer console is enabled by going to Settings > Game.

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Kukri Knife’s Unique Design and History

Steeped in rich history and culture, the Kukri Knife is quite prestigious. This curved short sword, historically used by Gurkhas, is known for its broad blade and distinctive inwardly curved shape. This unique design isn’t just for aesthetics; it’s a key part of the Kukri Knife’s identity as a cultural icon.

The modern design of the Kukri Knife is believed to be a transformed form of the ancient Greek Kopis. Traditionally crafted by Kamis, Nepalese blacksmiths, the Kukri Knife has been an integral part of Nepalese armory. 

Over time, it’s come to symbolize Nepalese culture, history, wealth, social status, and prestige, playing a vital role in important festivals like Dashain.

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Obtaining the Kukri Knife: Kilowatt Case and Trading

Acquiring a Kukri Knife skin in Counte­r-Strike 2 can be done either by purchasing lots of Kilowatt cases or by making a direct purchase of the desired skin on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

Kilowatt Case Kukri Knife Skins

The Kilowatt Case in CS2 contains lots of great skins. Below you can see the Kukri Knife skins that you can find in it. Keep in mind, however, that these are Exceedingly Rare items, which means they have a drop chance of roughly 1/400.

1. Kukri Knife | Slaughter

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

2. Kukri Knife | Vanilla

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

3. Kukri Knife | Case Hardened

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

4. Kukri Knife | Blue Steel

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

5. Kukri Knife | Crimson Web

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

6. Kukri Knife | Urban Masked

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

7. Kukri Knife | Stained

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

8. Kukri Knife | Boreal Forest

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

9. Kukri Knife | Scorched

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

10. Kukri Knife | Night Stripe

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

11. Kukri Knife | Safari Mesh

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

12. Kukri Knife | Forest DDPAT

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

13. Kukri Knife | Fade

CS2 new knife - kukri knife skin

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Mastering the Kukri Knife: Gameplay Tips and Techniques

To master the Kukri Knife, one must understand its unique gameplay mechanics and learn to effectively wield it in combat. This requires a bit of practice. In CS2, you will rarely get to use your knife. But if the situation arises, it’s good to know how to wield it with precision.

Comparing the Kukri Knife to Other Knives in CS2

Despite being the latest addition to CS2, the Kukri Knife isn’t the only knife on offer in the game. From the larger blade and classic design of the Bowie Knife to the Navaja Knife’s smaller, more compact form, each knife in CS2 has its own unique features and advantages.

The Kukri Knife, known for its inwardly curved blade, offers a fresh and exciting alternative to the more traditional knife options, such as the Huntsman Knife.

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The Kukri Knife is the newest CS2 knife and you can use it just like any other knife. To enhance its visual appeal, you can also purchase a skin for it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Kukri Knife so famous?

The Kukri Knife is famous for its association with Nepal and its Gurkha soldiers, who have used it for combat, survival, and ceremonial purposes for centuries. It has become a symbol of bravery and identity for the Gurkhas.

What special forces use Kukri knives?

The Gurkha troops are issued with Kukris and receive training in its use.

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