Best Negev CS:GO Skins

The Negev CS:GO skins are one of those weapons you never see in competitive Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Pro players won’t buy it unless they want to troll their opponents when they know they’ve already won or lost the match. And even in pubs, you won’t see people buying it in a ranked match.

But this gun remains very special and has been part of CS:GO for many years. Because of this, some designers have dedicated ample time to create some cool Negev skins. And you can buy those skins on Tradeit or try to find them by opening cases and souvenir packages.

Here are some of the best Negev skins in CS:GO.

1. Mjolnir

Negev CS:GO Skins
Negev CS:GO Skins

This is a truly spectacular Negev skin, but its price is enormous, mainly because it is a Classified cosmetic item from The Norse Collection. This collection, combined with the rarity of the skin, makes this skin cost around $1500. 

You’ll likely spend more than $1500 to get it if you choose to open cases, so it’s a better idea to buy it. The Minimal Wear and Factory New models look significantly better than the Battle Scarred one, so you should try to purchase one of the high-end versions of this skin.

Visually, Mjolnir constitutes the height of artistic beauty in the CS:GO skins department. Its red, brown, and yellow colors give it a majestic look that makes the weapon look even more imposing than it already is.

2. Anodized Navy

This Negev skin from The Assault Collection costs around $250 – $300 and is very simple-looking. The collection is rare, so this Mil-Spec skin costs a lot of money and constitutes a collector’s item.

Some players might want to buy this for personal use, but more often than not, people buy it because they want to have a historical piece of CS:GO in their inventory. Maybe 5 years from now, this skin will be worth $1000. It all depends on how the game evolves.

There’s not much difference between the Battle Scarred model and the Factory New one. And that small difference is reflected in the price as well.

3. Power Loader

This Restricted skin costs just $5 and can be found in the Revolver Case. If you want a low-end model, you can buy it for just $1. The distinctive aspect of this skin, featuring a strong yellow color mixed with white and black geometric shapes, makes it very easy to distinguish from the rest.

You can buy and trsde skins like Power Loader on