Best CS2 Music Kits of 2024 – Top 13

Music kits are an amazing way to upgrade the gaming experience and even influence your game strategy. Check the best CS2 music kits here

When playing CS2, music kits are an amazing way to upgrade the gaming experience and even influence your game strategy.

So don’t miss out on these great audio enhancers. Explore all the best options now, and make sure every round plays with a beat!

Music kits are even better when you have the right audio settings, check our guide with CS2 pro settings for tips.

Top 13 CS2 Music Kits

  1. The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE
  2. Noisia – Sharpened
  3. Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT
  4. Mocha Petal by Austin Wintori
  5. Lennie Moore – Java Havana Funkaloo
  6. Kelly Bailey – Hazardous Environments
  7. High Noon by Feed Me
  8. Various Artists – Hotline Miami
  9. bbno$ – u mad!
  10. Mord Fustang – Diamonds
  12. The Verkkars & n0thing – Flashbang Dance

The Ultimate Music Kit Collection

With over fifty CS2 Music Kits available, choosing just one is hard. We have narrowed down our favorite 13 that you should listen to immediately!

From classic rock tunes to techno-house grooves or something in between, there is guaranteed something for everyone in this selection of the best CS2 music kits.

You have come to the right place if you are considering selling your CS2 skins for new music kits.

1. The Verkkars – EZ4ENCE

CS2 Music Kits - The Verkkars, EZ4ENCE
  • Price: $6.11

The Verkkars, a Finnish group of musicians, crafted an electrifying “EZ4ENCE” music kit to honor the amazing accomplishments of the eSports team ENCE at Katowice Major 2019. On March 28th, this hard rock-inspired collection was launched and has been highly praised.

2. Noisia – Sharpened

 CS2 Music Kit Noisia - Sharpened

Price: $6.13

Feeling pumped for an electrifying gaming experience? Look no further! Noisia’s “Sharpened” music kit has covered you with its dark drum & bass hits collection and an adrenaline-filled MVP theme.

Make sure to step up your game with this high-intensity kit, perfect for those who are ready to take their skill set to the next level—and share it all in a fun way. Get set, buy your CS2 music kit, Noisia’s “Sharpened” Kit, today, and enjoy total domination and dominance over the competition!

3. Scarlxrd – CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT

CS2 Music Kit Scarlxrd, CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT

Price: $4.02

Are you looking for something to amp up the intensity of your CS2 battles? Then look no Than British rapper Scarlxrd’s “CHAIN$AW.LXADXUT” music kit! This unique set will give an extra energy boost and add a special touch to any gaming session, so get ready to unleash your inner warrior with this power-packed musical collection.

4. Mocha Petal – Austin Wintori

CS2 music kit  Mocha Petal - Austin Wintori

Price: $2.98

If you already have some music kits and want to trade CS2 skins for something with a bit of originality, the renowned composer Austin Wintori’s “Mocha Petal” music kit provides an eclectic mix between polka and heavy metal.

This custom-made sound kit is available on Steam Community Market and trading websites and will bring something special to your CS2 sessions! Give yourself the unique gift of great audio and get “Mocha Petal” from the global market today!

5. Lennie Moore – Java Havana Funkaloo

CS2 music kit Lennie Moore - Java Havana Funkaloo

Price: $5.94

If you’re after a jazzy 1970s-style feel, Lennie Moore’s “Java Havana Funkaloo” music kit will surely hit the spot. Boasting mellow yet energizing sounds that could make your CS2 battles even more enjoyable, this fun and retro-inspired collection will inject some cool into your gaming sessions.

6. Kelly Bailey – Hazardous Environments

CS2 music kit Kelly Bailey - Hazardous Environments

Price: $6.02

Kelly Bailey, the composer behind Half-Life’s soundtrack, has created a music kit – ‘Hazardous Environments’, for those who wish to experience the darkness of Half-Life. Heavy drums and distorted guitars paired with eerie synths make this one of CS2 players’ favorite music kits in CS2.

Experience Kelly Bailey’s “Hazardous Environment” music kit – perfect for fans who want to explore all aspects of the post-apocalyptic universe from their gaming setups!

7. High Noon – Feed Me

CS2 music kit High Noon - Feed Me

Price: $5.12

This electrifying techno-house collection of sounds will have you dancing all night long! With this soundtrack, prepare for intense beats to help carry your team through victorious moments.

8. Various Artists – Hotline Miami

CS2 music kit Various Artists - Hotline Miami

Price: $5.51

The “Hotline Miami” music kit by Various Artists provides a distinctive soundtrack selection that can assist gamers to concentrate on their game of CS2. It offers 10 songs from the official Hotline Miami video game, making it ideal for players who prefer varying types and moods in their sounds.

Keep yourself sharp with this unique collection inspired by the intense atmosphere of Hotline Miami! Enjoy staying focused while you immerse into every track from this dedicated “Hotline Miami” musical bundle – curated specially for your gaming experience!

9. bbno$ – u mad!

CS2 music kit bbno$ - u mad!

Price: $5.57

Do you want to get the mental upper hand over your gaming foes? Then bbno$’s “u mad!” music kit, created for use in CS2 may be just what you need. This Canadian rapper’s provocative and toxic sound will have any opponent cowering before they even enter the battle!

Take on opponents with confidence by equipping this expertly crafted audio pack – show them that ‘mad’ doesn’t quite cover it when standing against a master of gaming music like bbno$.

10. Mord Fustang – Diamonds

CS2 Music Kit Mord Fustang - Diamonds

Price: $5.00

Experience something different with Mord Fustang’s “Diamonds” music kit. Reasonable prices from $2.90 to $4.56 make this a great addition for anyone wanting extra life in their gaming sessions!

It provides an exciting combination of musical styles, and its vibrant sound will bring your gameplay to the next level and energize you during intense matches. Get ready to be dazzled by what might be the best music kit around – shine bright like a diamond with Mord Fustang’s top-notch offering!



Price: $5.41

Awolnation’s “I Am” music kit is a great way to stay levelheaded during demanding matches. Equip yourself with this confident soundtrack, and keep your cool when the competition heats up!

This convenient package will help you gain an edge over any rival, giving you all the power of serene composure necessary for success.

12. The Verkkars & n0thing – Flashbang Dance

CS2 music kit The Verkkars & n0thing - Flashbang Dance

Price: $N/A

For CS2 players who like to play with flair and creativity, the Verkkars & n0thing’s “Flashbang Dance” music kit is ideal.

The intriguing mix of sounds included in this set encourages you to devise clever strategies that keep your adversaries guessing. So why not let out all your innovative ideas and have some fun? Get ready for a unique experience with “Flashbang Dance”!

How to Choose the Perfect Music Kit

Are you ready to pick out the best music kit for your CS2 experience? There are several factors you should take into account when choosing.

Start by looking at what suits your gaming style, and make sure it matches up with how you’re feeling at that moment. Consider whether a certain theme resonates as an MVP with you and others playing around you! By carefully considering these aspects, selecting the ideal music kits will be much easier than ever.

Consider Your Gameplay Style

The type of game you play will affect your selection of music kits. Depending on whether you’re into competitive, casual, deathmatch, arms race, or demolition gaming, different soundtracks can improve the experience or fit in better.

Take The Verkkars’ “EZ4ENCE” as a perfect match for intense gameplay, and Noisia’s “Sharpened” is suitable for lighthearted games. Think about what mode excites you, and then pick an appropriate kit!

Match Your Mood

When selecting a music kit for your game, the ambiance it will create is of paramount importance. Depending on what kind of atmosphere you want to evoke, pick one from the few available kits that best match your vision.

If adrenaline-filled action is desired, choose something faster-paced and powerful, whereas leisurely soundscapes should be achieved by opting for lower-tempo music with tranquil sounds. Think about your intended vibe and select among these options accordingly!

How to Get CS2 Music Kits

To get a music kit, head to marketplace, where all available options will be displayed for selection. From here, pick out the one that perfectly matches your envisioned! After purchasing a compatible music kit, the task of equipping it within CS2 is to make full use of this feature.

Equipping Your Music Kit

It’s time to equip your music kit and experience a personalized soundtrack in-game! To do so, open the “Inventory” tab from CS2 and choose one of the available kits. Once you have selected your desired music kit, it is ready for use – elevating your gaming session with each track playing.

Now that you’ve equipped yourself with this amazing technology start enjoying what feels like an individualized score tailored specifically to bring out more entertainment while fragging away!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most popular music kit in CS2?

The Hotline Miami music kit by Various Artists is the most popular sound choice among CS2 gamers. Released in February 2015, its distinctive mix of genres – including synthwave and electro-funk – has been lauded for creating an intriguingly catchy atmosphere that remains a favorite amongst listeners today.

What is the cheapest music kit in CS2?

You can get a Void music kit for just $0.73 on the Steam Community Market and trading websites- an ideal way to boost your adrenaline and prepare for clutch moments in-game!

Are there any alternatives for customizing CS2 music?

While official music kits aren’t available, the modding community might offer custom soundtracks or music replacements for CS2. However, these would require modding tools and potentially server-side configuration.

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