Best Bowie Knife CS:GO Skins

Bowie knife don’t rank very high on the list of most Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, and that’s exactly why Bowie knife skins are so good. They look amazing and cost very little compared to most knife skins.

The Bowie knife is characterized by its curved and sharp pointy blade, combined with a top side that’s straight and full of notches. The knife’s handle gives the player a feeling of strength and firmness.

The skins that have been designed for this knife cost around $200, and even the most expensive models don’t surpass $1200. Meanwhile, most high-end knife skins cost more than $1500, and many get to $2500.

If you’re interested in buying yourself a great Bowie knife skin, this guide will tell you more about five of the best models.

1. Fade

Bowie knife
Bowie knife

Fade is a great skin for almost any type of knife. In the case of the Bowie knife, the result looks fantastic because of the large area of the blade. The colors and their transitions are visible, giving the player who carries the knife a feeling of relaxation.

Generally, skins colored yellow, blue, orange, and so on will give people a better mood.

When you buy a knife skin, you must figure out ahead of time what your goal is. The idea is that you will hold your knife for at least 5-10 seconds every single round. Those moments should put you in a better state and give you the desire to win the game.

Some people like to feel relaxed, others like to feel dangerous, and others like to feel excentric. There are all kinds of different CS:GO skins that can achieve all of those effects. But you need to know in advance what your goal is.

The Bowie Fade skin costs between $400 and $500. If you want the StatTrak-enabled version, the maximum price is a bit higher. You will find this skin only in the Operation Wildfire Case.

2. Gamma Doppler

The Gamma Doppler skin looks really classy when it’s applied to the Bowie knife. The cost is under $300 in most cases. What makes this knife skin so beautiful is the mixture of black and green, which is done in a way that infuses the weapon with mystique.

You can find this skin in 2 containers, but it’s a much better idea to buy it directly on Tradeit. The odds are extremely low whenever you try to find a particular knife skin. You have just 1 chance in 400 to find an Exceedingly Rare item, and there are dozens of knife skins that you could find. Discovering exactly what you’re after is a tough task. 

The containers in which you can find the Gamma Doppler are the Dreams & Nightmares Case and Operation Riptide Case. Both of them have reasonable prices, so you should be able to buy them easily if you want to try your luck.

3. Doppler

Bowie Knife
Bowie Knife

This is the red-tainted version of the Gamma Doppler, and it looks superb. The cost is similar, and the biggest difference is the color. Instead of black and green, the combination used is black and red. The contrast is not as high, but the elegance is improved. 

These two colors work well together, especially when combined in a sophisticated way.

The containers in which the Doppler can be found are the Spectrum Case and the Spectrum 2 Case.

This skin can have more than one color, but red is quite frequent.

4. Marble Fade

This is probably the most colorful knife skin that you can buy. It mixes black, red, yellow, blue, and a few other colors that are harder to see and define. But the effect is incredible.

The cost of this skin is under $400. Low-end models can cost around $250. Like other knife skins, the Bowie Marble Fade can be found in Factory New and Minimal Wear condition in Spectrum cases.

5. Tiger Tooth

Bowie knife
Bowie knife

This skin looks great on a lot of types of knives. But the Bowie knife is one of the best for it because of its wide blade. The stripes are applied in a very unique and minimalistic way. But it’s still obvious that you’re looking at a Tiger Tooth skin when you see a Bowie knife that uses it.

The price is quite low. In most cases, $250 – $300. You can expect to find this CS:GO skin in just two containers: Spectrum Case and Spectrum 2 Case.

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