Best Heavy Skins in CS:GO

Heavy skins in CS:GO like shotguns are rarely used in competitive play. But they’re still used a lot in other game modes. Because of that, the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive community has created some nice skins for them.

One of the advantages of these guns is their large surface. This makes it possible to design skins that feature exciting patterns.

Here are some of the best heavy skins in CS:GO.

1. M249| Nebula Crusader

This skin costs under $10 for the Factory New version, and its design is spectacularly sophisticated. It seems to have been inspired by a Sci-Fi book, making the gun look perfect for a Tarantino movie.

Nebula Crusader can be found in the Shadow Case, and its rarity class is Restricted. You’ll need to open around 10-15 cases to find it, but you can also buy it on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

2. Nova| Hyper Beast

Heavy skins in CS:GO
Heavy skins in CS:GO

This Nova skin is Classified and can surpass $50 for the StatTrak Factory New version. You can find it in the Operation Wildfire Case, and its visual design is gorgeous. There aren’t that many wild designs for shotguns in CS:GO, but this one certainly is. The eccentricity is typical of the Hyper Beast skin family.

3. Nova| Toy Soldier

Toy Soldier is one of the best if you want to buy an elegant Nova skin. Because of its unique color, it doesn’t look nice if the float value is high. But the price is so low that you should buy the Factory New or Minimal Wear version. It costs less than $3.

Toy Solider can be found in the Horizon Case, and its rarity class is Restricted. This means that you have around a 15% chance of finding it.

4. Nova| Red Quartz

Red Quarts has a distinctive look and gives the impression that the gun is made of copper. The cost is low ($1 – $3) because the availability is high. This skin belongs to the 2021 Train Collection. Its rarity class is Restricted. Given the price, you could easily buy a low-float model.

5. Nova| Baroque Orange

This shotgun skin is highly memorable and looks like a great fit for a gun from a fantasy movie. You will look like a rich villain when using it, making the purchase worthwhile. However, remember that this skin is much more expensive than your typical heavy skin. It costs around $60 – $70, and you can find it in the Canals Collection. 

Buy and Trade Nova| Baroque Orange.

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