Best SG 553 Skins in CS:GO

The SG 553 skins in CS:GO are one of the best T-side guns. Numerous players use it to gain an advantage when engaging in long-range duels. 

In professional matches, we rarely see people buying this gun because the AK-47 is too strong and much cheaper. So if your aim is perfect from any range, there’s no point in investing in a scoped rifle that does the same thing. Buy at a higher price.

Because of its importance in pub matches, the SG 553 has received a lot of love from skin designers. There are plenty of great SG 553 skins that you can buy in CS:GO, and this guide will show you some of the best.

1. Hazard Pay

Hazard Pay is a Classified skin found in three souvenir packages from 2021 and 2022: Antwerp 2022 Vertigo, Rio 2022 Vertigo, and Stockholm 2022 Vertigo. Its price ranges from $100 to $180. 

The souvenir version costs less for the Battle Scarred, Well Worn, and Field Tested models but more for Minimal Wear and Factory New ones. The price range is $45 – $250.

Visually, this skin is effortless to recognize, thanks to its yellow color. The black plus yellow combination is one of the most powerful, immediately capturing a person’s attention.

2. Integrale

SG 553 Skins in CS:GO
SG 553 Skins in CS:GO

The Factory New souvenir version of this skin is costly. Its price is around $1500, making it one of the most expensive SG 553 skins. But the standard version costs only $7 – $107.

This skin can only be found in souvenir packages dropped on Inferno. Some date to 2018-2019, while others are from 2021-2022.

The visual design of this skin uses an aquatic blue mixed with white and red. The colors are combined in a very chaotic way, but the combination still looks impressive.

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3. Colony IV

Colony IV is a skin with an extraordinary design, but that’s precisely what makes it interesting. Its rarity class is Classified, but the case in which you can find it is pretty common: Shattered Web. This is reflected in the price: $3 – $25.

You can easily buy this skin in the Field-Tested version, which will look amazing on your SG 553.

4. Candy Apple

If you need an SG 553 skin that looks classy and costs very little, this one is one of the best. You will find it in The Canals Collection, but you should buy it directly for just $2-4 on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

The design is elegant, mixing red with black. The Factory New model looks significantly better than the Field-Tested one, so you should opt for maximum quality.

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5. Barricade

This Consumer Grade skin belongs to The Norse Collection and costs under $2. When you open that collection, you don’t want to find it because it’s one of the cheapest skins you can unlock. But if you buy it directly, its low price is a significant advantage.

The visual design of this skin looks scary and confusing at the same time. The whole skin looks like a gigantic labyrinth, and the mixture of black and gray is superb.

Buy and trade SG 553 Barricade skin.