Best UMP-45 CS:GO Skins

The UMP-45 CS:GO Skins are one of the best anti-eco weapons in the game. This gun can kill unarmored enemies quite quickly because it shoots around 11 bullets per second and needs only 2-3 to get the job done. Its accuracy is also excellent, as long as you use it at close range.

The UMP-45 is not that frequently used during a competitive match. You won’t find it in every round of every game. But players certainly buy it from time to time. Both the Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists can purchase the weapon, so it’s a good idea to have a good CS:GO skin for it.

This guide will teach you five of the best UMP-45 CS:GO skins you can own.

1. UMP-45| Minotaur’s Labyrinth

Because it belongs to The Gods and Monsters Collection, this skin is costly even though it’s just a Mil-Spec. The cost ranges between $70 and nearly $700. It’s always a good idea to buy at least a Field-Tested model when purchasing skins of this rarity and complexity.

Visually, Minotaur’s Labyrinth depicts a labyrinth created using dark blue, as well as black and gray. The result is impressive and quite memorable.

2. UMP-45| Day Lily

UMP-45 CS:GO Skins
UMP-45 CS:GO Skins

Day Lily is another Mil-Spec skin for the UMP-45, but it belongs to The St. Marc Collection. Its visual design is nothing special, but it’s not bad, either. The cost is almost identical for all models because the quality difference is not that big: $55 – $70.

If you want to buy one of this UMP-45 CS:GO skins, you can find it on Tradeit. For potential future trades, it’s best to buy a low float value version. A Factory New or Minimal Wear model will be ideal.

The main colors used for this skin’s design are brown, green, and black. The primary reason why it is so expensive has to do with the collection that it belongs to. This is the same collection in which you can find the Wild Lotus and the Wild Lily, so it’s easy to understand why every skin is so expensive, even if it’s a Mil-Spec.

3. UMP-45| Fade

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This beauty can only be found in Dust II souvenir packages, which means it’s quite rare. It’s also very beautiful, and its prestige comes in part from the fact that it’s a Fade. This skin family features a lot of great UMP-45 CS:GO skins, and some of them cost a lot of money. The mere association with the Fade name makes this UMP-45 skin expensive: $200.

As with all Fade skins, the design mixes several colors, using shades of yellow, purple, and pink. The rest of the gun is black, which creates a nice contrast.

4. UMP-45| Blaze

This Blaze skin looks like it’s on fire. It makes the tip of the gun yellow and covers its mid portion with flames. The cost is much lower than the other skins mentioned on this list: $10 – $18. The souvenir version costs a bit more: $20 – $40.

This Mil-Spec skin is not that rare, but you will still need to open Mirage souvenir packages to find it, which makes the process expensive. It’s much better to buy it directly. You should acquire the Minimal Wear or Factory New model to get the best visual benefits. The Well-Worn and Battle-Scarred ones don’t look that sharp.

5. UMP-45| Scaffold

UMP-45 CS:GO skins
UMP-45 CS:GO skins

If you want to purchase a very cheap skin that will make your UMP-45 look much better, the Scaffold is a perfect choice. Visually, this is a true work of art. The design makes it look like the gun is a building. The colors and shapes stand out, and the price is just $1.

You can find this skin in the Spectrum Case, but given the price, there’s no point in wasting money on opening cases.