Best Karambit CS:GO Skins

The karambit CS:GO skins are one of the knives probably the most utilized weapon in a passive way. This means that you will carry it a lot of the time but will rarely get to use it.

The knife is essential because it allows you to move faster. So whenever you need to get from one point on the map to another in the fastest way possible, you will hold a knife in your hand.

There are many types of CS:GO knives. And one of the most famous types is the karambit knife. There are many great cosmetic items for it, and in this guide, you will learn more about the best karambit CS:GO skins.

The Uniqueness of Karambit Knives

The karambit is a unique knife in CS:GO. It might be just a weapon, but it is highly distinctive and players love that.

1. Karambit Case Hardened

Karambit CS:GO Skins
Karambit CS:GO Skins

A Case Hardened karambit skin is usually quite expensive. And based on its pattern and float value, it can get much more costly.

The distinctive quality of Case Hardened skins is the strange mix of colors on the blade. This mix varies based on the pattern, and you will likely love this skin because of it as long as you can find the right pattern for your preferences.

This is a Covert skin, and it even has a StatTrak version. But for knives, this version often costs less than the standard one. So it’s not like with guns, which can cost three times as much if they’re StatTrak enabled.

You’ll find this skin in a dozen cases. The price varies based on the pattern and the overall quality, which includes the float value. You might have to pay just $700 or several thousand dollars.

2. Karambit Fade

This is another karambit skin that offers a lot of variety. Fade skins, in general, have this property, and a lot depends on the pattern. The colors on the blade are mixed and range from shades of blue to shades of purple.

The price of a Fade skin can reach many thousands of dollars. You will find this skin in at least 11 cases, and you can try to get one on your own if you want, but you’ll likely end up opening 300 – 500 cases. The odds of unboxing a knife skin are roughly 1/400. On top of that, this skin is quite rare. It’s probably much better to buy it on Tradeit.

3. Karambit Lore

Lore is a very beautiful karambit skin. It’s one of the most beautiful and recognizable karambit skins you can own. The golden color and patterns you will find on its blade give it a classy look.

Lore can be found in just two cases, and its price is around $1500 for a high-end model. You can pay half of that amount for a lower-quality model.

4. Karambit Crimson Web

Crimson Web is a skin that looks powerful, and the whole Crimson Web skin family has the same features. The blade is red and covered with a web-like pattern of dark lines. This makes it feel like it’s full of blood but also has a terrifying element.

The price of a karambit crimson web varies between $550 and $1600. You can find this skin in many weapon cases, but it’s hard to obtain it this way. 

The odds are probably somewhere around 1/5000 or even 1/10000. And that’s because you have a chance of 1/400 to get an Exceedingly Rare skin, and then on top of that, you need to add that there are dozens of knife skins out there.

5. Karambit Freehand

This is one of the cheaper karambit skins; you can buy it for just $600. Its visual design is nice and will make you look more menacing while running around. You will need to open Gamma and Gamma 2 cases to obtain this skin.

More about Karambit Freehand here.

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