Best TEC-9 CS:GO Skins

The TEC-9 CS:GO is a powerful weapon used extensively in anti-eco and forced-buy rounds. Usually, the players who buy it expect to fight against unarmored enemies equipped with pistols or fully equipped ones.

In the first case, the goal is to win the round with a small investment. In the second case, the goal is to fight for the win while risking the loss of a gun that could have been omitted.

The greatest quality of a TEC-9 gun is its damage. This semi-automatic pistol has an excellent rate of fire (500 RPM) and deals a lot of damage. Just 3-4 bullets are enough to get a kill, and if you hit a headshot, the target dies instantly, even if a helmet was bought.

For the price of just $500, the TEC-9 is a completely overpowered weapon. However, it is not entirely easy to learn how to use it. You’ll need to practice to master its spray pattern and achieve reasonable recoil control.

Because of its in-game popularity, the TEC-9 has a lot of great skins. In this guide, you will learn about some of the best TEC-9 skins in CS:GO.


This is a strange-looking TEC-9 skin that will require you to spend around $100. However, the collection to which it belongs is very prestigious and rare. It’s called The Rising Sun Collection and the best skins in it cost thousands of dollars.

Visually, Terrace is not necessarily pleasing to the eye. The person who designed this skin made it with a different goal. They wanted the gun to attract a lot of attention, which is why the use of yellow is highlighted by the colors around it, which are unimpressive precisely because the yellow part needs to stand out.

This is just a Mil-Spec grade pistol skin, but its rarity factor is still really high. Few people can afford to open such a rare collection like this one.

Nuclear Threat


This TEC-9 skin makes excellent use of the nuclear symbol and gives it a dangerous vibe. With each bullet shot, you can almost feel the radiation emitted by this semi-automatic pistol.

The predominant color is green, but it’s not a plain, uniform green. It is highly diversified, and it makes the weapon look very polished.

The price of this skin ranges between $20 and $350. The rarity class is Restricted, but the fact that it belongs to The Nuke Collection greatly increases the rarity of this item and its price.

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This TEC-9 skin has one of the coolest designs ever. Hades will likely sound familiar to you if you love Greek mythology. Whoever designed this skin spent a lot of time putting every warrior helmet in its place. The result is fascinating because it makes you feel like you’re going to battle in the ancient world!

The price of the TEC-9 Hades ranges between $10 and $15. This Industrial Grade pistol skin belongs to The Gods and Monsters Collection, which automatically makes it rare even though it’s one of the most modest items in that collection.

When you buy this skin, make sure you purchase at least a Minimal Wear model to avoid destroying all those beautiful helmet patterns.

Rust Leaf

This TEC-9 cosmetic item belongs to The St. Marc Collection and costs just $10 because it is a mere Industrial Grade pistol skin. Psychologically, this skin seems designed to put you in a good mood by reminding you of Autumn. The brown shades are very soothing and mixed in an elegant way.

The float value of this skin is not as essential, but it’s still nice to own a model that doesn’t have too many imperfections. Anything above Well Worn or perhaps Field Tested should be fine. Just try to avoid the Battle Scarred model because the scratches partly ruin the emotional effect.

More about the Rust Leaf skin here.


If you want to own a futuristic TEC-9 skin, this is one of the most spectacular. The combination of purple and teal is impressive, and it’s further enhanced by the geometry depicted in the design. Everything about this skin makes you feel like you’re using a laser gun from Star Wars.

The price of this Classified pistol skin is $5 – $40. You can find it in the Shattered Web Case, but it’s probably much better to purchase it directly on Tradeit. Shattered Web cases cost around $1.30. 

But when you add the price of the key and the fact that this cosmetic item has a rarity of less than 4%, the math indicates that you will likely spend $100 for something that should cost around $25.

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