Best Rifle Skins in CS:GO

Rifles Skins in CS:GO is among the most utilized guns. Professional players are divided into two big categories: riflers and AWPers. And even AWPers are largely general riflers, because they can’t afford to buy the AWP every round.

Because of their popularity, rifles have been the target of many artists’ efforts throughout the years. CS:GO skins for the AK-47, M4A4, and M4A1-S can be found in almost every weapon case, and many of them are among the highest-quality items in their case.

It’s quite rare to find a player who loves CS:GO but doesn’t like rifle skins. From a visual standpoint, their design is often amazing and will greatly enhance your experience with these weapons. Shooting with a Wild Lotus AK-47 or a Knight M4A1-S feels different, even though the skins don’t offer any concrete benefit to these guns.

Here are some of the best rifle skins in CS:GO.

1. M4A4 | Howl

Rifle Skins in CS:GO
Rifle Skins in CS:GO

Howl is one of the rarest skins in the game, and it was placed in a rarity class of its own: Contraband. The cost of this skin is enormous. You’ll need to pay around $3000 for the cheapest versions and tens of thousands of dollars for the high-end ones with StatTrak enabled.

The visual design of Howl is instantly recognizable thanks to the fiery wolf and red bits that can be found all over the skin. Unfortunately, this skin can no longer be found in any way, and to get one, you will need to buy it at the market price, which is not exactly cheap.

If you’re a CS:GO collector or looking to invest in an item guaranteed to be highly valuable for as long as the game’s community endures, this is a perfect choice. It’s a rare artifact that will most likely double or triple in price as the years go by.

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2. AK-47 | Wild Lotus

The Wild Lotus is one of the most expensive skins you can find while opening cases and collections. In this particular case, you will need to open The St. Marc Collection, which includes some truly spectacular skins but some mediocre ones.

The price of a Wild Lotus is anywhere between $1500 and $9000. This pricy item is guaranteed to age well, and its design is beautiful. If you’re interested in high-quality CS:GO skins, this is one of the best you can own. You cannot go wrong with something like this.

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3. M4A1-S | Knight

This is one of the best skins for the M4A1-S and can be found in many containers. However, all of them are a bit expensive because they’re pretty old. These souvenir packages are in high demand, but very few units are left out there. If you can afford them, you might get some truly spectacular results, one of which is the Knight.

From a visual standpoint, this skin is not unique, but it certainly is easy to distinguish from the rest. The price is relatively high. This is one of the high-end skins for this gun, and you might have to pay around $2000 to get it.

4. AK-47 | Gold Arabesque

The Gold Arabesque is easily recognizable and possibly the unique skin for the AK-47. The weapon seems to be made out of gold when this skin is applied to it, which is quite lovely. The price of the skin is between $1300 and $2000. It all depends on its float value and the demands of the seller.

When you purchase this skin, buying a Factory New, Minimal Wear, or Field Tested, version is a good idea. The Well Worn and Battle Scarred models don’t look as great. And that’s because the skin is applied to the whole surface of the gun, and its color is uniform. Every major imperfection is easy to spot.

5. AK-47 | Fire Serpent

It’s hard to talk about high-quality rifle skins without mentioning the Fire Serpent. This skin can be found in the Operation Bravo case, which is still available on the market. The price is relatively high, but if you see something valuable, you’ll more than get your money back.

The design of this skin is easy to spot and features a snake. Everything else about the skin is relatively mundane. The price ranges from $350 to $1800. For StatTrak versions, you will need to pay almost three times more.

How to Get Good Rifle Skins in CS:GO

In most cases, the best weapon skins in CS:GO should be bought. Their rarity is lower than 1/1000, and opening that many cases or souvenir packages are not an option for most people, especially if the cost is $10+ per case.

Good rifle skins are not as rare as knife skins, so you could still potentially try your luck with a probability of success of 0.5 – 3%. But it’s still a good idea to consider buying these weapon skins. 

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