Best R8 Revolver CS:GO Skins

R8 Revolver CS:GO skins are one of the most peculiar weapons. This gun can deal an enormous amount of damage and will kill with one bullet if it’s a headshot. It also deals almost lethal damage if the target is shot in the chest and arm.

These reasons make the R8 Revolver a powerful pistol, but few people use it because it’s not very accurate at long range. You feel like you’re using a shotgun, and that’s never a good thing in an FPS game.

Despite being a niche weapon that doesn’t get used too often in professional tournaments, the R8 Revolver has quite a few CS:GO skins. And some of these skins look impressive.

In this guide, you will discover five of the best R8 Revolver CS:GO skins. You can find them by opening weapon cases but it’s probably much better to buy them directly on Tradeit for what they’re worth. It’s a much cheaper method.

1. Amber Fade

R8 Revolver CS:GO
R8 Revolver CS:GO

This pistol skin belongs to The Dust 2 Collection and costs less than $2 in the standard version. However, if you want the souvenir version, the cost can surpass $300 for a Factory New model.

Visually, this skin gives the gun a very attractive color, making it appear like it reflects a fire or a sunset. It is quite relaxing, and some people will aim a bit better because of this.

The rarity class of this skin is Classified, which means that the odds of obtaining it are less than 4%.

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2. Fade

Fade is very similar to Amber Fade but its colors are much more nuanced. There are shades of yellow, orange, and pink on this cosmetic item, and the rarity class is Covert. This is one of the best-looking R8 Revolver skins in CS:GO. You can find it in the Revolver Case, but you’ll end up opening 100 – 200 cases.

The price of this skin ranges between $4 and $20. The StatTrak versions are a lot more expensive and can cost triple for both the minimum and maximum price. It all depends on what float value you want your skin to have but it’s highly recommended to buy a Minimal Wear or Field Tested model, if not a Factory New one.

3. Llama Cannon

This is easily one of the best-looking R8 Revolver skins on the market. The metallic side of the gun looks much heavier thanks to the dark blue that was used, and the handle looks a bit lighter thanks to the patterns present on it. Overall, the combination works well and will make you feel quite powerful when you shoot with this pistol.

The price of the skin ranges between $2 and $10. You can find this skin in the Spectrum 2 Case. Its rarity class is Classified, so it’s not exactly easy to find, but if you don’t mind opening around 30-50 cases, you will almost certainly find it.

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4. Crimson Web

R8 Revolver CS:GO
R8 Revolver CS:GO

This is the famous Crimson Web skin but applied to an R8 Revolver. You can find it in the Revolver Case, and it looks very impressive. Of course, it doesn’t rival the Butterfly Knife skin with the same name, but it’s nice to own an exceptional item from this skin family. One day, they might be worth a lot.

The price you’ll have to pay for this skin is less than $5, so you should definitely buy yourself a Factory New model. The rarity class is Mil-Spec, which means that you will find it quite easily when opening Revolver Cases.

5. Skull Crusher

Despite the fact that it belongs to a modest case (Prisma Case), this skin looks truly menacing and will give you an enhanced feeling of power when playing the game. The combination of yellow and black stripes makes you think of a tiger or a leopard.

The skin costs less than $3, which makes it a perfect choice for those who want to own a great CS:GO skin without paying too much money for it.

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