Best Desert Eagle CS:GO Skins

Desert Eagle CS:GO Skins are by far the best pistols. Professional players like NiKo often win eco and force-buy rounds with this gun. Because of this, the Deagle has received lots of amazing skins. Some of them cost just a few dollars, while others cost hundreds. 

This guide will teach you more about some of the best Desert Eagle CS:GO skins.

1. Desert Eagle| Blaze

Blaze is one of the most famous Deagle skins, and it is used by many pro players. It belongs to a rare collection called The Dust Collection, so you will not find it that easily. The standard method is to buy it on Tradeit or the Steam Market.

The rarity class of Blaze is Restricted, and this skin dates back to 2013. The cost is somewhere between $400 and $500. This makes it one of the most expensive Deagle skins in the game. 

There are always a few thousand people waiting in line to buy one for the price mentioned above, so you’ll need to invest a serious amount of money if you want to own one.

Visually, Blaze is easy to recognize. The tip of the pistol is yellow and looks like it’s on fire. The flames turn red and extend beyond the middle of the gun. This is gorgeous skin that is guaranteed to impress your teammates.

2. Desert Eagle| Emerald Jormungandr

Desert Eagle CS:GO Skins
Desert Eagle CS:GO Skins

If you want top-quality Deagle skin that looks impressive, this one is among the best you can buy. The green textures make it look imposing and heavy, giving the gun a feeling of reliability.

The price of this skin is around $150, and you should strive to buy at least a Field-Tested model. You can find it in The Norse Collection, but its rarity is quite extreme. We’re talking about Restricted skin that can be found only in a rare collection. You’ll likely end up spending more than $1500 to obtain it via the case-opening method.

3. Desert Eagle| Hand Cannon

Hand Cannon is another top-quality skin that costs around $250 if you want to buy the Factory New version. However, with skins like this, you can also buy the Field-Tested model, which will look great. You’ll save $100 by purchasing that model. 

But if you think long-term and want something precious even in 5 years, you should invest in a Minimal Wear or a Factory New model.

This skin can be found in almost a dozen different souvenir packages. It’s relatively hard to find because they date back more than 4-5 years. This is part of the reason why the price is so high.

4. Desert Eagle| Fennec Fox

This Desert Eagle CS:GO skin has one of the most recognizable designs. It looks a bit futuristic and has a Classified rarity class. The price of this skin is $200. That’s because it can only be found in rare containers.

Visually, the skin depicts a fox. But the patterns on it are highly sophisticated and make the gun stand out.

More about Fennec Fox skin for CS:GO here.

5. Desert Eagle| Sunset Storm

Sunset Storm has a unique look and turns the pistol almost entirely red. However, the shapes featured on it highlight those of the gun itself. The skin is built in a very smart way and easily differentiates itself not just from other Deagle skins but from everything around it inside the game.

The price of this skin is $140 – $260. That’s because there is a major quality difference between the Battle Scarred and the Factory New models. You can find it in The Rising Sun Collection, but the rarity of that collection is quite severe. So it doesn’t help that the skin itself is a restricted cosmetic item.