Huntsman Weapon Case CS:GO – Top 3 Weapons

Huntsman weapon case CS:GO contains some high-quality skins that can cost more than $1000. Because of that, this CS:GO case is considered to be a mid-tier one and can be bought for around $7.

In this guide, you will learn about the top 3 weapon skins in The Huntsman Collection. These are not easy to find and your best option is to buy them on Tradeit. But if you want to open Huntsman cases, this is what you might find inside of them.

AK-47 | Vulkan

Huntsman Weapon Case CS:GO
Huntsman Weapon Case CS:GO

This is by far the best CS:GO skin in the huntsman weapon case and its rarity class is Covert. The price goes above $1000 for the Factory New model and can go much higher if you also want it to be StatTrak enabled.

Visually, this AK skin is very beautiful. This is one of the main reasons why the demand for it is so high. The artist chose to use a mixture of white, blue, and black. The end result is fantastic and will put you in a really good mood when competing.

Always try to obtain the Field Tested, Minimal Wear, or Factory New version of this skin. The Battle Scarred and Well Worn versions are full of scratches and that ruins a bit the beautiful white paint.

USP-S | Caiman

Huntsman Weapon Case

The USP-S Caiman is one of the better skins for this pistol. It costs between $10 and $71 but if you want a StatTrak enabled version, be prepared to pay five times more for the low-end models and two times more for the high-end ones. 

Visually, this is not one of the most stunning CS:GO skins you will see, but it’s more than decent and uses a nice combination of brown, black, and gray.

Inside the Huntsman Case, Caiman is a Classified pistol skin. This means that you have a 3-4% chance of finding it when you open the case. Given the cost of opening one case (~$9), you should consider buying it directly.

M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy

This M4A1-S skin is one of the best you’ll see in CS:GO. The fact that it’s made available in a weapon case like this one and given just a Classified rarity class constitutes a great opportunity.

The price range for this skin is $36 – $91. The StatTrak enabled versions cost a bit more but don’t surpass the $160 mark.

Visually, this skin makes excellent use of color contrast. The foundation is black and on top of it there are shades of orange that almost make the weapon feel like it’s made to some extent out of copper.

Anything above the Field Tested wear class works fine. But if you can, buy yourself a Minimal Wear model. It will likely increase in price over time and you’ll be able to sell it at a profit in the coming years.