Best MP5-SD CS:GO Skins

If you’re planning on using the MP5-SD CS:GO skins in your games, you can still buy a cool skin for it. And in most cases, the price you’ll have to pay will be extremely low. For a gun like the AK-47 or the AWP, most quality skins cost more than $100. But for the MP5, you can have whatever you want for $1 – $5 in CS:GO.

The appeal of MP-5 SD skins is similar to that of all the other skins. Whether you want a dark blue one or a very colorful one, on Tradeit you can easily find what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the best MP5-SD CS:GO skins you can own.

1. Oxide Oasis

This is a rare example of an expensive MP5 skin. It can cost up to $350, and it’s very hard to find. This skin is available only in Mirage souvenir packages, which are quite expensive. And even if you buy such a package, the odds of getting this skin are low because of its rarity class, Classified.

Visually, the skin looks flashy and will stand out. This is not one of those classy skins that have a laid-back aspect. Oxide Oasis screams at you and immediately draws attention to the gun. It makes the MP5 look like it’s been sprinkled with paint.

Buying a Factory New or Minimal Wear model is not mandatory because the scratches will not be as visible. But it’s still nice to preserve the designer’s original work and keep all the nuance there.

Given that this is by far the most expensive MP5 skin, its value will likely increase in the coming years. For this particular gun, any collector who wants to own a top skin will search for this one.

2. Phosphor

Phosphor is one of the best-looking MP5 skins that you can own. Its rarity class is Classified, but the case in which you’ll find it, Danger Zone Case, is quite cheap. The standard model costs between $2 and $10, while the StatTrak one costs around double.

Visually, this skin is very colorful and will stand out in any situation. The neon paint guarantees that you cannot ignore or confuse it with other skin.

3. Bamboo Garden

MP5-SD CS:GO Skins
MP5-SD CS:GO Skins

If you want to own an MP5 skin that belongs to a prestigious collection, buy this one. It only costs a few dollars from The St. Marc Collection. This is a Consumer Grade skin, making it extremely common, and its visual design is not bad at all. Essentially, it depicts bamboo trees, and it does it in a minimalistic way.

The colors don’t stand out, and the contrast is a bit weak, but the patterns are still easy to notice if you’re using the Factory New version.

More about Bamboo Garden skin here.

4. Autumn Twilly

This is highly sophisticated skin with lots of patterns and colors. Whoever created it must have spent a long time trying to achieve this result, and you will certainly be pleased if you like eccentric skins.

Autumn Twilly makes the MP5 look like it’s tattooed. The cost is lower than $5, so you can easily own this skin. And what’s great about this Restricted SMG skin is that it belongs to The 2021 Train Collection, which is quite rare.

5. Kitbash

MP5-SD CS:GO Skins
MP5-SD CS:GO Skins

This is another MP5 skin that seeks to make the gun more visible. It basically turns it into a bandaged patient and has a funny aspect. We don’t often see this level of originality when it comes to the theme of skin.

The price is very low. You can have even a Factory New model for less than $1. The Well-Worn, Battle-Scarred, and Field-Tested ones cost less than a dime.

This skin belongs to the Fracture Case, which is quite common and very inexpensive.

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