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Browse DOTA New Skins

Looking for the best selection of DTOA skins on the web? Whether you’re brand-new to DOTA or you’re an experienced pro, you’ve undoubtedly heard about skins. These cosmetic items transform your gaming experience, and they’re also a great investment.

DOTA skins change the appearance of your hero in some dramatic ways. Players love to buy skins for the heroes they love to play with, customizing their character and refreshing their appearance whenever they see fit. Whether you’re buying skins as an investment or you simply want to show off, Tradeit carries all the DOTA skins you’re looking for, all at incredible prices.

Buy DOTA Skins for 25% Less!

Looking to buy a new DOTA skin to customize your gaming experience? We carry DOTA skins in all rarities, all at the best possible prices. Tradeit is proud to offer DOTA skins at prices 25% less than the Steam community market, so you can get all the skins you want without breaking your budget!

The Largest Selection of DOTA Skins

The more heroes you use in DOTA, the more skins you need to be unique in every single game you play. While some skins are worth just a few cents, there are others worth thousands of dollars. We’re proud to stock the largest selection of DOTA skins on the web, including some of the currently most sought-after skins like:

  • Golden Silent Wake: This immortal cape is incredibly cool, giving your player a cool flame effect when you use Gust. The Golden Silent Wake skin is in high demand, commanding prices near $500.

  • The Golden Staff of Perplex: Gold makes everything more valuable, and it’s clear to see in The Golden Staff of Perplex. This golden staff has unique effects when you use Telekinesis skills and has fetched prices as high as $800.

  • Tsukomo the Moon Cloud: This cute bunny is exceedingly rare, and you can even choose two different appearance styles from one single skin. Used by Mirana, this skin has achieved a high price of over $1,100, making it a great investment when you get your hands on one.

  • Mace of Aeons: With a custom Chronosphere visual and sound effects, the Mace of Aeons puts the icing on the cake when it comes to Void. This shiny set of items is worth near $200, but you can find it cheaper on Tradeit.

  • Crimson Edge of the Lost Order: With custom ability icons and custom ultimate and Omnislash effect, Crimson Edge of the Lost Order is a skin you can’t sleep on. It currently goes for over $500 on the Steam market, but you’ll find it at value prices on Tradeit.

Shop for a New DOTA Skin

Tradeit is your one-stop-shop for DOTA skins—from common to ultra-rare. Our 100% secure platform has facilitated millions of trades over the years—it’s why players come to us time and again when they’re ready to customize their character with unique skins. Browse our ever-changing inventory and snag your skin of choice today!