CS2 Knife Types – All 19 Knives

Enhance your kitchen skills with CS2 knives. Get to know the different types and their unique benefits. Let's jump right in!

Let’s face it, in CS2, guns are great, but there’s just something about pulling out a fresh new knife that screams “I got this.” But with 19 blades to choose from, how do you pick your perfect stabbin’ iron?

This guide is your one-stop shop to all things CS2 knives. From the classic Bowie Knife (because who doesn’t love a good fixed blade?) to the butterfly knife that’ll make you feel like a secret agent.

Key Takeaways

  • CS2 knives are all about style and personality with 19 unique types. Each knife has its own history and in-game animations, making it a true extension of you as a player.
  • Knife skins add a layer of customization and status. From basic designs to rare patterns, these skins can change the look and feel of your knife, affecting both gameplay and market value.
  • The CS2 knife market is dynamic, driven by rarity and demand. Knives can range from affordable to pricey collectibles, symbolizing in-game success and real-world investments.

    1. Bayonet


    Released with CS:GO’s “The Arms Deal” Update in 2013

    The Bayonet is a classic design, a virtual representation of the long knives originally attached to rifles for close-quarters combat; not here though, you just get to stab lots, no putting it on your rifle.

    Bayonets have a rich history dating back to the 17th century, evolving alongside firearms. While not used as frequently today, the Bayonet in CS2 retains its practicality and timeless aesthetic.

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    2. Bowie Knife

    Bowie Knife

    Original CS 1.6 Knife

    This hefty fixed-blade knife is a homage to the legendary Jim Bowie, a 19th-century American frontiersman. Known for his role in the Texas Revolution, Bowie popularized a large hunting knife design that became synonymous with his name.

    The CS2 Bowie Knife captures that spirit, offering a powerful stabbing weapon for virtual skirmishes. It’s long, and it looks sleek; what’s more to ask?

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    3. Butterfly Knife

    Butterfly Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Breakout” Operation in 2014

    The Butterfly Knife stands out for its unique folding mechanism and flashy animations. While not a historical weapon in the traditional sense, balisongs (another name for butterfly knives) have been around since the late 19th century.

    Yes, you can do the slish slash Tik Tok trend with them, and yes, they are pretty fun to hold, but when it comes to slashing enemies, they’re even better!

    Their popularity surged in the 20th century, often associated with pop culture depictions. The CS2 Butterfly Knife skins embrace this flair, offering a stylish and fast-deploying option for players seeking a bit of showmanship alongside their lethality.

    4. Classic Knife

    Classic Knife

    Original CS 1.6 Knife

    The granddaddy of CS2 knives, the Classic Knife is a simple, no-frills folding knife. While it may not boast the tactical advantage of some of its later counterparts, the Classic Knife holds a special place in CS2 history. It was the first knife players could equip, a constant companion through countless battles. Its unassuming design might not inspire awe, but it embodies the core spirit of CS2 – pure competition and skill. Plus, the classic knife skins in CS2 are some of the best!

    5. Falchion Knife

    Falchion Knife

    Released with CS:GO’s “Chroma” Collection in 2014

    The Falchion Knife takes inspiration from a real-world weapon of the same name. Popular in Europe during the Middle Ages, the Falchion was a single-edged weapon known for its distinctive curved blade. The CS2 Falchion Knife retains this signature shape, offering a unique slashing style in the game. It’s a weapon for players who appreciate a touch of historical intrigue in their virtual arsenal.

    6. Flip Knife

    Flip Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “The Arms Deal” Update in 2013

    The Flip Knife is a modern take on the classic folding knife. Its namesake comes from its unique opening animation, where the player flips the blade open with a flourish. This animation, coupled with the sleek design, has made the Flip Knife a favorite among CS2 players who enjoy a bit of style with their lethality. It’s a versatile option that offers both practicality and a dose of swagger.

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    7. Gut Knife

    Gut Knife

    Original CS 1.6 Knife

    This utilitarian knife resembles a skinner’s tool, traditionally used for removing hides from animals. Its simple, curved design prioritizes functionality over form, making it a practical choice for in-game close-quarters encounters. While its origins may not be as glamorous as historical weapons, the Gut Knife’s effectiveness speaks for itself.

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    8. Huntsman Knife

    Huntsman Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Weapon Case 2” in 2014

    This utilitarian knife resembles a skinner’s tool, traditionally used for removing hides from animals. Its simple, curved design prioritizes functionality over form, making it a practical choice for in-game close-quarters encounters. While its origins may not be as glamorous as historical weapons, the Gut Knife’s effectiveness speaks for itself.

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    9. Karambit


    Original CS 1.6 Knife

    This distinctive curved blade with a finger ring originates from Southeast Asia. Traditionally used for agricultural tasks and self-defense, the Karambit’s inward-curving design allows for efficient slashing and hooking motions. The CS2 Karambit retains this unique design, making it a favorite among players who prefer a more aggressive close-quarters fighting style.

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    10. M9 Bayonet

    M9 Bayonet

    Released with CS:GO’s “The Arms Deal” Update in 2013

    The M9 Bayonet is a modern take on the classic military bayonet. Developed in the late 20th century, the M9 replaced older bayonet designs for the U.S. military. Its compact size and functional design make it a versatile close-quarters weapon, reflected in its CS2 iteration.

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    11. Navaja Knife

    Navaja Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Operation Bravo” in 2014

    This folding knife takes inspiration from the traditional Spanish Navaja. Characterized by a spring-assisted opening mechanism and a distinctive handle, the Navaja was a popular pocketknife from the 18th to the early 20th century.

    The CS2 Navaja Knife skins, like the golden one above retain this heritage, offering a more compact and dignified option for in-game encounters.

    12. Nomad


    Introduced with CS:GO’s “The Shattered Web” Operation in 2019

    The Nomad Knife doesn’t have a direct historical counterpart. Its a fictional design inspired by various survival and tactical knives.

    The CS2 Nomad Knife embraces a rugged, all-purpose aesthetic, suggesting its usefulness in a variety of combat scenarios.

    Play with a bunch of Knife commands in CS2, and you’ll find Nomad to be a cut above the rest.

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    13. Paracord Knife

    Paracord Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Shattered Web” Operation in 2019

    The Paracord Knife stands out for its modern design elements. The use of paracord, a lightweight yet strong synthetic cord, for the handle reflects real-world survival tools and tactical gear.

    The unique blade design with cutouts adds a touch of futuristic flair. The Paracord Knife skins in CS2 are also some of the cleanest.

    14. Shadow Daggers

    Shadow Daggers

    Original CS 1.6 Weapon

    These twin daggers are a departure from traditional knife designs. While their exact origin is unknown within CS2 lore, shadow daggers have real-world counterparts used for close-quarters combat and throwing. Their dual-wielding nature in CS2 adds an element of surprise and agility to a player’s arsenal.

    15. Skeleton Knife

    Skeleton Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Operation Hydra” in 2016

    The Skeleton Knife takes a minimalist approach, featuring a lightweight, open-frame design. While not necessarily a practical fighting knife, its skeletal design offers a distinct look and potentially faster wielding speed in-game.

    Interestingly, there’s no real-world historical equivalent for this specific design, making it a purely imaginative creation for the world of CS2.

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    16. Stiletto Knife

    Stiletto Knife

    Introduced with CS: Source

    The Stiletto boasts a sleek, thin blade reminiscent of historical push daggers. Often concealed for self-defense, stilettos originated in Renaissance Italy, favoring a quick thrust over powerful slashes. The CS2 Stiletto Knife embodies this focus on speed and precision, making it a favorite for players who value lightning-fast strikes.

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    17. Survival Knife

    Survival Knife

    Original CS 1.6 Knife

    This all-purpose knife is a nod to the practical tools carried by adventurers and military personnel. Survival knives prioritize functionality, featuring sturdy blades suitable for various tasks like cutting, prying, and even rudimentary shelter building.

    The CS2 Survival Knife skins reflect this versatility, offering a reliable backup tool beyond close-quarters combat.

    18. Talon Knife

    Talon Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Operation Phoenix” Update in 2014

    The uniquely curved Talon Knife draws inspiration from bird-of-prey talons. While not a direct historical replica, its design evokes a sense of piercing and grasping, perfect for a close-quarters weapon. The CS2 Talon Knife skins embrace this aggressive aesthetic, making it a popular choice for players who favor an intimidating look, favoring knife and glove combos in CS2.

    19. Ursus Knife

    Ursus Knife

    Introduced with CS:GO’s “Chroma 2” Case Update in 2014

    The Ursus Knife stands out with its hefty, curved blade and prominent hand guard. This design draws inspiration from the Tanto knife, a traditional Japanese blade known for its strength and chopping ability.

    The CS2 Ursus Knife carries on that legacy, offering a powerful weapon for players seeking a formidable presence in close combat.

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    Whether you’re a novice player looking to make your first knife purchase or a seasoned pro looking to add to your collection, this guide has provided insights into the dynamics of CS2 knives.

    We’ve explored the different types of knives, but there’s a lot more like the market dynamics, how to acquire knives, comparing popular knife choices, personalized cheap knife skins, and even hunting for rare skins.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the different types of knives in CS2?

    CS2 offers a diverse range of knife types, such as the Classic Bayonet, Sleek Karambit, Versatile Flip Knife, and Rugged Bowie Knife, as well as others like the Butterfly Knife, Stiletto Knife, and Nomad Knife, each with distinctive features and animations.

    How can I customize my CS2 knife?

    You can customize your CS2 knife by applying different skins, choosing from standard designs to rare patterns and unique animations, and mixing and matching different designs to create a unique look. Skins can be unlocked by opening cases.

    How can I acquire a CS2 knife?

    You can acquire a CS2 knife by purchasing one on platforms like the Steam Community Marketplace, trading with other players, or unboxing cases in the game. Be sure to consider the different methods before making a decision.

    What factors influence the price of CS2 knives?

    The price of CS2 knives is influenced by factors such as skin, wear, pattern, rarity, demand, and unique designs, as well as the status they confer in the community. For instance, the low drop chances for the Flip Knife contribute to its high price, while the original design of the Stiletto Knife influences its price.

    How can I hunt for rare knife skins in CS2?

    You can hunt for rare knife skins in CS2 by unboxing cases, watching for price reductions during major sales events, and using third-party websites for competitive pricing and a wider selection of knives. Additionally, consider using price tracking tools and browser extensions to monitor and compare knife prices across different platforms.

    What are the chances of getting a knife in CS2?

    The odds of getting a knife in CS2 from a case are 0.26%. this has been checked by comparing the statistics of opening over 20,000 cases.

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