Best Bayonet CS:GO Skins

The Bayonet CS:GO is one of the best types of knives that you can use in the game. Its design is excellent and the prices created for it are relatively cheap compared to those created for the Butterfly Knife or the Karambit.

Here are some of the best Bayonet skins in CS:GO.

1. Crimson Web

Crimson Web is nothing more than the famous Crimson Web skin applied to the Bayonet CS:GO knife. Because of the width and length of the blade, the effect is both amazing and terrifying.

The designer made the handle of the knife black to create a better contrast. And it really does a great job at it.

You can find this knife skin in 11 different containers: CS:GO Weapon Case, eSports 2013 Case, Operation Bravo Case, Operation Phoenix Weapon Case, Revolver Case, and so on. The only problem is that it’s an Exceedingly Rare item. And that makes it extremely rare no matter what case you’ll open.

The obtain a knife skin, the odds are around 1/400. To get this particular knife skin, the odds are somewhere between 1/5000 and 1/10000. Because of that, it’s much wiser to buy the Bayonet Crimson Web directly on Tradeit.

The price of this skin ranges between $400 and $4000. It’s not cheap to own a Factory New model, but it will put you in a very select class of CS:GO, players. Some people regard such rare skins as a form of investment. It’s like buying a Rembrandt.

As CS:GO grows, and its history becomes more and more prestigious, skins like this turn into art items that immortalize certain eras. Owning such a skin is going to be quite profitable 3-5 years into the future. All you need to do is to look at how the prices have increased over the last 5 years to get an idea.

2. Lore

Bayonet CS:GO
Bayonet CS:GO

Lore is another famous CS:GO skin, and it works really well on many knives. The Bayonet CS:GO is certainly one of them. The golden color and the beautiful patterns present on this skin give the knife an awe-inspiring and very polished look.

The price of this skin is expensive relative to that of other Bayonet skins. It starts at around $550 and can go up to $1600. The problem here is that the difference between the Battle Scarred and Factory New models is huge. 

When you invest in a skin like this, you need to purchase at least a Field-Tested or even a Minimal Wear model. Otherwise you lose some of the beauty that may come back to haunt you in a few years.

This skin can be found in just two weapon cases: Gamma Case and Gamma 2 Case. This makes it quite difficult to find. Obtaining a skin like this requires years of opening cases unless you’re willing to buy and open 1000 of them at once.

3. Damascus Steel

Damascus Steel is a great Bayonet skin if you love Damascus steel in real life. This is a famous type of steel whose strength is phenomenal. But the visual side is just as great. Blades made from Damascus steel have a distinctive pattern, giving them a unique look.

Skin like this one costs between $400 and $600. The price is certainly cheap for a high-quality knife skin, and the reason is simple: people tend to enjoy colorful skins more than real ones. This one is quite realistic and will give you a feeling of power when holding the knife.

You will find this skin in the Chroma Cases. There are 3 of them in total and each of them contains it. However, you cannot obtain it by opening other skin cases, even though there are many of them that contain knife skins. The easiest method, as always, is a direct purchase.

4. Tiger Tooth

Tiger Tooth is another famous knife skin in CS:GO, and you will find it for all kinds of knives. The Bayonet CS:GO is one of the best because of its size. All the tiger stripes are easy to see, and the effect is mesmerizing.

This skin costs between $700 and $800. It also has a StatTrak version, which tends to be cheaper at the low and more expensive at the high. This is a cosmetic item that looks great even if you purchase the Field-Tested model.

The Bayonet Tiger Tooth is available in 3 cases. These are the Chroma Cases, and they’re very cheap. However, the odds of finding this particular knife skin are less than 1/5000.

5. Vanilla

Bayonet CS:GO
Bayonet CS:GO

Vanilla is a perfect choice if you enjoy using the Bayonet knife and don’t want to see any flashy design. This is the skin that gives this knife the simplicity it deserves. But through that simplicity, its geometric features are enhanced.

The Bayonet CS:GO is characterized by its wide, long blade with a sharp end. The handle looks firm, and you can almost imagine yourself holding the weapon.

The cost of this skin is somewhere around $900. You can find it in 11, and if you’re interested in StatTrak-enabled knife skins, this one is one of the best because the number of kills is visible.