Which TF2 Class Is The Best

Like games of the same genre that came after it, TF2 features nine classes with unique skills. Although others are more interested in offense or even aiding others, some are more focused on defense. What are the top Team Fortress 2 classes, though? We took the time to gather the TF2 classes and rate them according to how useful and viable they could be. 

Here is our guide to which tf2 class is the best

1. TF2 Offensive Classes

Scout Class:

 TF2 Class

Scout is the fastest class in the game and has a special double leap that allows him to dodge attacks from foes and escape like a butterfly or bee. Moreover, he receives a +1 capture benefit when pulling the cart or capturing objectives which makes him best at capturing control points. In addition, this class counts as two players while attacking control locations. 

Although he is less versatile than other classes, if you play him correctly, you can still knock out six or more opponents. His main weapon is a high-damage scattergun that can potentially be devastating up close. Although other major TF2 weapons may be unlocked, including the two-shot Force-a-Nature and Soda Popper, the scattergun is the best choice because it is the most reliable. 

Scout’s secondary weapon is a primarily different variation of a handgun that enables him to finish off vulnerable adversaries. The Scout can have several drinks in his secondary slot for support, including the Mad Milk for buffing oneself or the Bonk for putting out the flames of comrades! Nuclear Punch and Crit-a-Cola. The Flying Guillotine is another option for ranged damage.

Soldier Class:

The Soldier is the finest offensive class in the game, regardless of whether you’re a pro who rocket jumps in TF2 and flies through the map or a rookie who fires missiles at the adversaries’ feet. The rocket launcher that the Soldier uses as his main weapon can harm several adversaries at once. Although there are many different rocket launchers available, they all perform the same functions. 

The weapon’s actual power is in its ability to rocket and sticky jump, which involves shooting at your feet to give up a little amount of health in exchange for more mobility. Although the Soldier excels at killing, he also has some of the finest offensive support abilities in the game, thanks to his secondary weapon slot. 

You can activate buffs for you and your team by filling a meter with the Buff Banner, the Battalion’s Backup, and the Conqueror after dealing a particular amount of damage. You can also acquire boots that improve rocket jumping, but if you’re not proficient enough, it might be best to stay with the TF2 shotgun as your secondary weapon for a close-quarters battle.

2. TF2 Defensive Classes 

Demoman Class:

 TF2 Class

The Demoman is a master of explosive damage with his sticky bomb launcher and grenade launcher. Although being a defensive class, his power is sufficient to classify him as a frontline attacker who performs well in any circumstance. One of the game’s most potent weapons, the Demoman’s grenade launcher, deals a stunning 100 points of damage upon direct impact. 

The Iron Bomber is a good substitute for the main weapon because it has a lower blast radius but fewer bouncing explosives. A fun but effective substitute is the Loose Cannon, which bonks and pushes foes before detonating after a set period. 

A sticky bomb launcher, which can attach explosives to surfaces and set them off remotely, is the secondary weapon slot for this character. Sticky bombs are quite a great mid-range offensive option. The weapon was created as an area denial tool that surprises foes by being put in spots out of sight.


 TF2 Class

The Engineer is a vital defensive and supporting class for the success of the entire team because of their construction skills, automated Sentry gun, health and ammo Dispenser, and Teleporters. Even gamers with no prior expertise in first-person shooter games can succeed and rack up points if they choose this popular class. 

Most of the discussion of the Engineer’s weapons is unnecessary because his most valuable tools are the facilities he creates to support his crew. The engineer has a special metal stat that he uses to create, improve, and maintain his devices. The Rescue Ranger’s primary weapon options provide mobility and positional flexibility by enabling you to heal and pick up your buildings from a distance. 

The Wrangler is the strongest (and frequently overpowered) option for the secondary weapon slot because it enables you to assume manual firing control of your Sentry gun with a health and damage bonus while increasing its range. The Engineer may construct and repair buildings using any of the melee options. 

Still, the Gunslinger is the most unique because it increases the Engineer’s base HP from 125 to 150 in return for a mini-Sentry cannon that deploys more quickly but is less effective. So, Demoman and engineer are the best defense classes. 

3. TF2 Support Classes 

Medic Class

The Medic is the most reliable and effective class for regaining health and keeping his team in top fighting shape. One of the game’s most essential elements, the ubercharge meter, may be filled when you heal for a considerable amount of time, making the medic one of, if not the, most crucial classes. 

The Medigun, which occupies the second slot in the Medic’s inventory, is the greatest weapon for ensuring that your allies survive the battle. The easiest approach to pass through opposing lines is to use the ubercharge mechanic, which gives the medic and his healing victim complete damage immunity for 8 seconds. The medic should assist his teammates in carrying out the nasty labor because he doesn’t like to battle. It is best to flee if there is no one available to heal you. 

The Ubersaw is the best weapon to use if all else fails. It would help if you defended yourself at close range because every successful melee weapon hit increases your ubercharge meter’s capacity by 25%. This additional capacity could help you escape safely or even turn the tables on your attackers, potentially saving your life.

Sniper Class:

The Sniper class is adored by many players and despised because it is the only one in the game that excels at long-range combat. With the Sniper Rifle, your damage increases with the length of your scoped-in time.

The Sniper is a divisive class because of his lethal one-shotting ability and relative comfort in going unopposed and unbothered. Sniper can instantly kill five classes in the game with a completely charged body shot that deals 150 points of damage, whereas headshots only deal that much base damage and 450 points of damage when fully charged, which is only enough to kill a fully healed Heavy.

Final Words:

These are the best classes because they consistently perform well in all circumstances. There are 9 official classes to choose from in the tf2 game, the best ones are mentioned in our guide, and the remaining cast members are not ineffective; their genuine talents are highlighted in situations that are more suited to their particular roles.

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