TF2 Best Sniper Loadout [TOP 5 List] – Primary & Secondary

Playing sniper in competitive FPS games, especially TF2, is highly challenging. He has the patience-requiring task of capturing perspective and taking opponents by surprise. The same things apply to the Sniper class in TF2. It can be hard to keep up with the fast pace of gameplay with a character like a Sniper in TF2. However, at this point, we think that you will get stronger with the TF2 best Sniper loadout list that we will recommend to you.

We tried to list 5 weapons based on your skill and ease of use. We want to say that we have chosen special weapons, mainly so that you can destroy the opponents with one shot. You can also see the purchase prices of these weapons. If you like a gun, you can quickly buy it cheaply from

Now, if you’re ready, let’s take a quick look at the best Sniper loadouts in TF2.

1. Bazaar Bargain

best sniper loadout tf2
  • Slot: Primary
  • Released: June 23, 2011 Patch
  • Price: $0.02 – $0.10

Bazaar Bargain is one of the best loadout most preferred by sniper lovers in TF2. Let’s say at first that it attracts attention with its decorative embroideries. The butt is oval and covered with gold. In addition, a different visuality has been added to the gun with the straps on the top and bottom of the gun. The bullet path is long and carries a metallic color. Let’s say that the laser scope just above the trigger part creates a nice image.

When we look at its technical features, its damage power when a headshot is done is excellent. The attack delay time is 1.5 seconds, and the scope opening time is 1.3 seconds. When a successful headshot is made, it gives 25% damage power as a bonus. Let us remind you that Bazaar Bargain is a “Head Counter”. After 6 headshots have been fired, the meter will fill up, and the weapon will be ready for a critical strike. After the opponent is killed, the weapon’s power will revert to its original state.

When examined in terms of its advantages, it is seen that it exhibits loadout characteristics that shoot effectively at medium and long-distance opponents. Also, the more headshots you make, the higher your damage rate will be. In close-range use, you need to take a headshot with your binoculars. Other than that, you can’t inflict any effective damage.

2. Machina

  • Slot: Primary
  • Released: August 18, 2011 Patch
  • Price: $0.02 – $0.58

It is a very good weapon for sniper lovers. Let us remind you that it belongs to the primary weapons class. The first striking detail in its appearance is its completely black metallic appearance. It is worth mentioning that the machine has detailed binoculars in the upper part. The muzzle is different when we compare it to other snipers. The tip of the barrel consists of two separate sections parallel to each other. The bullet comes out between these sections and advances to the target.

The weapon has a gradually increasing charge rate when used with a scope. Causes 15% more damage when fully charged and has the power to kill more than one enemy at a longer distance. It generates sparks from its barrel in non-aiming shots. Remember, after each shot, the bullet will leave a team-colored trail. This causes your competitors to see your place. Technically speaking, let’s say the attack range is 1.5 seconds, and the maximum charge time is 3.3 seconds. The opening of the scope and the firing time is 0.2 seconds. These features prove how effective it is.

The most advantageous aspect is that when it has a full charge rate, it has the power to kill even adjacent opponents in one shot. It inflicts the same damage with a headshot at close range.

3. Hitman’s Heatmaker 

  • Slot: Primary
  • Price: $0.02 – $0.62
  • Released: June 27, 2012 Patch

It is the sniper used in the Primary weapons class. It has a support arm and handles with wooden features and a trigger and bullet slot with a metallic appearance. From a visual point of view, we can say that it has remarkable features with its silencer and scope in the muzzle. This weapon has a counter called “FOCUS” that fills with kills and assists. Note that you need 3 kills and 9 assists to fill it.

The recharge rate is 25% faster than other weapons. Each shot outside the headshot deals 20% less damage to the opponent. Let us remind you here. Critical hits are applied to headshots when fully charged, which means the opponent dies with a single shot. The following details emerge when we examine it from a technical point of view. In headshots using scopes, the rate of fire is 1.5 seconds, and the maximum charge time is 3.3 seconds.

Looking at its advantages, we see that each headshot affects the focus stage. As a result of a successful headshot, the focus level increases. Thus, a blue electric current image is formed on the weapon. This time the gun fires a laser, not a bullet. Do not forget that more damage is done in laser shooting. All these features prove why it is one of the most preferred weapons.

You may be bored with the best TF2 loadout list we prepared for Sniper. If you want, let’s look at the TF2 Scout loadouts; you can find something that interests you.

4. Sydney Sleeper

best sniper loadout tf2
  • Slot: Primary
  • Price: $0.02 – $0.36
  • Released: September 30, 2010 Patch

It belongs to the primary loadout class, which has the best features in TF2. When we examine the weapon visually, it offers the following features. The stock is covered with wood, and the middle part with yellow cloth. Just above it, the capsule-shaped air tank draws attention. It has a long scope with a retro look. In addition, the end and head of the binoculars are wrapped with rope. Three bird feathers draw attention to the tip of the muzzle. There is also graduated round equipment right next to the scope.

In terms of loadout features, it has a charging feature like the others. When we open the binoculars, there is a glass jar with urine next to the charge meter. (Kavate-Jarate) According to the state of the charge, the opponent is wetted with urine. In addition, when we pour it on the burning teammate, it acts as an extinguisher. Compared to other weapons, it has a 25% faster-charging feature. Recharge time is 2.8 seconds and attack range is 1.5 seconds when shooting with the scope open. Because of these features, you should know that you will need the assistance of your teammates.

The most important feature is that it has Kavate. When used with the Sniper, it benefits both you and your teammates. In this way, you can give health-level support to your teammates. It inflicts mini damage when used on your opponents. Using both together will offer you a different experience.

5. Cleaner’s Carbine

Cleaner’s Carbine belongs to the secondary weapons group. An all-metal machine gun in black. It attracts attention with its metal support and a shot stabilizing feature in the middle. In addition, the barrel with its long magazine and silencer is visually pleasing. The weapon has a section called the “CRIKEY” bar that fills with 100 damage to the opponent. This is the same as the focus stage in Hitman’s Heatmaker. After the crikey stick is full, the weapon turns a green and white mix. After this step, the damage done by the weapon increases in the shot. Cleaner’s Carbine deals low damage in single shots and high in bursts. Compared to weapons of its tier, it has a 20% smaller ammo capacity and a 25% slower fire rate.

When used with a silencer, your opponents will have a hard time locating you. Let me give you a little footnote here. Cleaner’s Carbine is suitable for close-range use. Because it applies more damage power to the opponent. Another point you should not forget is that it exhibits a finishing feature when used against an opponent damaged by the main weapon.


In our review, we included the best Sniper types and auxiliary loadout features in TF2. Sniper is one of the most popular weapons not only in TF2 but also in all aiming games with combat. It has a comfortable use that does not require rushing. It’s also more useful for killing an opponent from a distance.

Sniper weapons do not allow your opponents to approach you. This means that it will be a long-term game for both you and your team. You deal damage with the Sniper, and your teammates will kill your enemies with secondary or tertiary weapons.

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