How to Rocket Jump TF2 – All Rocket Jump Available to Learn

how to rocket jump in tf2

Team Fortress 2 is a shooter game with 9 different classes and contains many different mechanics. All of these classes are equipped with features such as rocket jumping. In case of use, it provides a jump feature above the normal jump. That’s exactly why we decided to prepare a TF2 how to rocket jump in guide.

This will provide advantages such as being protected from attacks and gaining time within walking distance. It can also be used for multiple situations, such as reaching higher positions. Most classes are equipped with weapon equipment that is more effective at jumping higher. By presenting it to you step by step, we will enable you to use it quickly in the game. If you’re ready, let’s get started and take a quick look at the details of our guide.

tf2 rocket jump

Rocket Jump in Steps for Beginners

In this section, we will present ideas that will create tips for those who are new to the game. If you’re ready, we’ll start.

1. Using the Rocket Launcher

The rocket launcher can be selected with the mouse or added to the numbers on the keyboard as a shortcut. The equipment is included in the usage area from the game menu by pressing whichever button it is assigned.

Being in the first three compartments will provide ease of use to you during the game. Choosing it from its slot and putting it into use during a sudden encounter with the opponent will give you a great advantage.

2. Use of rocket launcher by determining the direction

As in all sniper games, movement and direction skills are very important in TF2. The direction of your weapon in the game should be in accordance with the point of view. The reason for this is to jump at the right angle and use the weapon in case of a sudden encounter with the opposing team player. Its results will affect both you and your team closely.

how to rocket jump in tf2
Image of a player rocket jumping in TF2 by launching a rocket below his feet.

3. Armed Walking

While walking in the game, it will give you an advantage if your weapon and target setting are in line with your perspective. Assign your fingers to the key (W) that can give the fastest forward command on your computer.

If you want to go in a different direction, it would be more useful to add a shortcut to the close keys combined with the forward arrow key. In in-game use, you can defeat your opponent by showing a quick reflex, and you can also bring victory to your team.

4. Jumping in Harmony with the Rocket

As in all team and gun games, jumping is a life-saving feature. It can be your situation of encountering the opponent team player or all of them. It can allow you to evade a barrage of fire with significantly less damage. However, you can eliminate your opponent by creating additional height and perspective. In this way, you can both give your team a psychological advantage and demoralize the opposing team.

5. Ground Control

In our how to rocket jump in TF2 review, it is very important to be fast and make sudden movement changes. It will be beneficial for us to make good ground control of our character, especially in situations such as jumping from one place to another. For this, we must ensure environmental control. Especially during the game, our eyes should be on the direction and place we are moving.

6. Controlled Firing

It is a move you should use when you encounter an opposing team player in the game. The most important point in this movement is to fire your rocket at the highest point reached during the jump. In this way, you will get rid of the damage that your rocket will cause with the least damage as you are outside the effect area.

How to rocket jump in, which we tried to express to you game lovers above, will prepare you for a certain experience not only in TF2 but also in other FPS games. You will be able to learn faster by experiencing the knowledge you have gained here in the game. In this way, you will be able to inspire your other teammates, and you will reach the pleasure of acting with team spirit.

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Professional Rocket Jumping Tips for Classes

The point we examined in the first 6 steps is informative for players who have just started the game. In the next section, we will provide useful information for professional players.


  • A basic rocket jump is a jump that consists of recoil during the explosion. Although it affects health a little, it can reach high distances. To perform this jump, you must shoot and jump at the same time. Overload jumps allow you to fire 3 rockets at the same time. You can shoot using the advanced rocket jumps wall and ground angle. This gives you the ability to jump high. In addition, it also offers the possibility of jumping from wall to wall.
  • Pogo jump helps you stay in the air longer. Double rocket jumps allow you to fire two rockets while jumping. This allows you to jump farther or higher. Triple rocket jumps are accomplished by firing three rockets in a row. Flicking allows you to shoot during a sudden turn. Your angle of rotation should always match the direction of your weapon.
how to rocket jump tf2


  • Basic sticky jumps are powered by the acceleration of sticky sticks with the explosion. This negatively affects your health. It also offers advantages such as jumping higher and farther. Advanced sticky jump uses dual fluids to reduce health. It is suitable for use during recovery or during übercharging. In the triple sticky jump, the target must be far away as the character will descend with reduced health.
  • The grenade jump harnesses the power of the bomb. Timing is very important. Caber jumps are the most harmful type of jump. Cannon jumps are used to make jumps using the explosive effect and act as a protective shield. Rampsliding takes the Demoman away from slopes.


  • The deflected rocket harnesses the power of the reverse acceleration gained after the shot with the jump. However, it takes no damage and jumps away. A flare jump is a jump that gives additional height thanks to the flares used. It is useful in situations such as ambushing. The thermal thruster jump offers a jump in the direction of gaze. You can use it to sneak into higher levels in the game.


  • Mobility is possible at medium heights using the building step jump. With a sentry rocket jump, acceleration is gained by throwing rockets at the feet while crouching. Here it would be correct to jump to the side where the rockets are fired. In the Sentry bullet jump, the opponent is fired with a quick bullet but deals minor damage.


In our TF2 article, we tried to give you information about how to rocket jump to the readers. With this review, we have presented basic methods to users who will just start the game. We wish you a good game and see you in our next review.

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