TF2 Soldier Guide – How to Play

Team Fortress 2 features nine classes, and each of them is fun to play. The better you play a specific class, the more you’ll enjoy the game. Most classes are highly effective when the rest of the team picks appropriate classes and uses a good strategy for using the game. But some can be played even without any team support. The TF2 Soldier is a well-rounded character who excels both at defense and offense. His stats are excellent (200 HP / 300 when overheated), and his available weapons allow for a good range of playstyles.

This class moves rather slowly (80%) but compensates for this deficiency with many other great qualities.

The Soldier’s Guns

TF2 Soldier
TF2 Soldier

The guns available for the TF2 Soldier are quite powerful. He can use a Rocket Launcher that deals 90 / 270 damage. But keep in mind that this is splash damage. This means that you can damage several enemies with a single shot.

Because of this reason, the Soldier is best played as an entry damage dealer or the final damage dealer. Against low HP targets, one rocket will get the job done. Against high HP targets, you will need to work together with your teammates. Otherwise, there’s a high chance that the damage you’ll deal will be healed.

One problem with the TF2 Soldier is that he shoots slowly. And it’s not easy to aim with his gun. But if you’re a skilled Soldier, you can make the Rocket Launcher work as long as your team cooperates.

Another option is to use this gun while aiming at the ground. If you’re sitting on elevated ground or up in the air, it’s much easier to damage targets because you can shoot at the ground next to them, and the splash damage will get the job done.

Primary Weapons

Here’s a list of the Soldier’s primary weapons:

The Rocket Jumper is quite interesting to play. You can rocket jump around using your gun, and you get no damage for it. However, you also deal no damage this way and are expected to hit a target with your secondary weapon to kill it. Rocket jumping makes you vulnerable against Snipers but gives you excellent protection against everyone else.

Between rocket jumps, you’ll want to use either your melee weapons or your secondary weapon to deal damage. With the other primary weapons, you will suffer some self-inflicted blast damage when trying to rocket jump.

Another cool weapon on this list is the Direct Hit. This weapon loses most of the slash damage but gains a lot of rocket speed (80%) and injury (112 / 338). This is the perfect weapon to pick if you want to play a kind of Sniper using the Soldier.


The Soldier is described by Valve Corporation’s TF2 lore as a US army reject from World War 2. His story is a bit wild, but if you’re interested in TF2 lore, you can check it out.

Like other TF2 classes, the Soldier has plenty of fantastic skins that you can utilize.

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