How To Make CS2 Full Screen on Mac

CS2 Full Screen on Mac

Counter-Strike 2 is a hugely popular and demanding game with more than 10 million active players. Given the size of its community, it’s inevitable that some of those who play this first-person shooter will be using a Mac instead of a PC. But such users can sometimes experience a bug that the CS2 won’t go fullscreen on Mac.

On a PC, CS2 uses the full-screen mode by default. When you first enter the game, you will immediately realize that the display mode is full-screen. And if you like it that way, you don’t need to do anything about it. If you want to exit full-screen mode temporarily, you can do it using Alt-Tab.

Suppose you want to exit full-screen permanently and play CS2 using the windowed mode. You can go to Settings and select the windowed display mode. But if your game is windowed by default, what do you do?

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CS:GO Won't Go Fullscreen on Mac

Can CS2 run on Mac?

Whether your Mac is an Intel or an Apple Silicon model, you can play Counter-Strike: Global Offensive on it. The game runs perfectly on Apple Silicon Macs, despite the fact that M1 and M2 Macs aren’t specifically fit the system preferences.

This game, in contrast to its predecessor, has a macOS version that has been supported ever since its launch. To maintain gameplay balance and address any potential problems that may be found, CS2 continues to get regular fixes.

Due to the game’s modest system requirements, CS2 on Mac run smoothly. You won’t see many Macs in competitive CS2 because frame rate is still a crucial aspect of the game.

Despite this, the game functions rather well on the Mac released from the last ten years. The system requirements listed below are a good way to see if the game will run on your Macbook Pro or Mac.


Os MacOS X 10.11 (El Capitan) or later

Processor: Intel Core Duo Processor (2GHz or better)

Memory: 2 GB RAM

Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 2400 or better / NVIDIA 8600M or better

Storage 15 GB available space

What button on a Mac is Alt is another concern. You can find the Option key on your Mac, two keys to the left of the spacebar. It is the PC keyboard equivalent of the Alt key on a Mac.

Why is Full Screen Not Working on My Mac?

The main problem when CS2 won’t go Fullscreen on Mac is when the game is in the Windowed mode by default is that you often don’t have the possibility to do so from the game settings.

Normally, you would go to Settings, Video, and then find the Display Mode option. From there, you can select whatever option you prefer.

But if going to settings and changing things from there is not the answer because it’s not available to you in the video settings. You will need to take a different approach. Sometimes keyboard shortcuts also fix the problem. Press command control f and check if it works.

The Solution for Fullscreen on Mac in CS2

Here is the solution for how to fullscreen CS2 on mac if not working. This solution to the bug that sometimes appears when playing CS2 on Mac computers is to use the command line in Steam. 

  • Just open Steam Library
  • right-click on the Counter-Strike 2 icon
  • select Properties
  • click Set Launch Options in the GENERAL tab
  • Type -fullscreen. Click OK

and everything should work now the way you want to. Your game should open in Fullscreen mode and allow you to play CS as everyone else does.

The window will widen, your menu bar will disappear, and the Dock (if any) will disappear from view. The screen is now completely covered by this window.

You can still access the menu bar even while your programs take up the entire screen; simply move your pointer to the top of the screen, and it will drop down so you can access menus.

Suppose you haven’t been able to properly use your display settings from the game’s dropdown menu. The problem will be fixed, and everything else should be working properly. The rest of the video options will be available to you.

So you can change your in-game CS2 resolution, aspect ratio, and all the other settings that control the quality of your visual experience. For best performance, set laptop power savings off and set global shadow quality on low. Click play button and get back to the game.

Playing CS :GO on desktop can be annoying from time to time because the game was primarily designed for Mac users. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find workarounds for the various bugs that may trouble you.

How to Fix Performace Issues, If Any?

If CS2 won’t go fullscreen on Mac, make sure to adjust the graphics settings if you are experiencing performance issues with CS2 to ensure a fluid gaming experience. The default settings are frequently used by players, although they aren’t always the optimal ones for your Mac.

Many Macs struggle to render games at such high detail levels due to their extraordinarily high native resolution. The resolution would be the first thing to look at on a Mac if you were having trouble with your frame rate.

How do I get Out of Fullscreen on Mac?

To exit full-screen mode, place your cursor so that the play toolbar or title bar is visible at the top of your display, and click the green button. Or Press Command control F or select View > Exit Full Screen to leave full screen.

Resize Window On A Mac

On a Mac, click the window you wish to resize before adjusting its size.

Navigate to “System Preferences” on your Mac, and resize the CS2 window. Choose the “Scaled” option can after clicking the “Displays” icon. The in-game resolution at which you want the game to be displayed can be selected from here. Simply said, that is everything! You may quickly enlarge the CS2 window on your Mac if follow these easy steps.

With the aid of OS X Lion, it is possible to reduce the size of Windows on a Mac by dragging any corner or side. As long as it isn’t resizable on some platforms, a window can be adjusted in size. While dragging one of the sides or corners, the window stays centered in its position; however, if you simultaneously press the Option key, the window rotates.

Two full-screen programs can be combined into one with Split View. The size of the window can be adjusted by swiping left or right on the bar in the middle of the screen. If you use your iPad as a second monitor, Windows will automatically adjust itself to fit its new position.

Will there be CS 2 Mac version?

Following much anticipation, Counter-Strike 2 will soon be released, according to Valve. The game’s excellent core mechanics and extensive adoption in the esports sector have made it popular for years, leading to an ever-increasing player base.

It is currently unclear whether Counter Strike 2 will have a Mac version, but the revised game is anticipated to have new maps, better lighting, modifications to smoke grenades, and a new sub-tick server system.

Later this year, fans will be able to play Counter-Strike 2, which is anticipated to be accessible on Steam. Throughout the summer, Valve intends to give CS2 a free-to-play upgrade for current CS2 gamers. Nonetheless, the business will test the game with a small group of testers before the official release.

Final Words 

Here is our comprehensive guide to the solutions for when CS2 won’t go fullscreen on Mac and how to resize the game window on Mac. You should also look for the other CS2 options if you want to improve CS2’s functionality on Mac. They can greatly enhance your game experience and help you avoid a lot of frustration.

It is true that CS2 can work flawlessly on a Mac. Although we wouldn’t entirely advise it, it is playable if necessary.

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