Epic Comeback for FURIA at PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL Major Copenhagen FURIA

Three days ago, FURIA Esports looked doomed. The Brazilians started the Copenhagen Major with two consecutive defeats and few people believed in their capacity to make a comeback.

Gabriel “FalleN” Toledo and his squad needed to win three consecutive matches at a CS2 event in which the best of the best teams in the world have come to compete. What were the odds?…

FURIA’s Inspirational Comeback

FURIA had to play the first match of PGL Major Copenhagen against another Brazilian team, known as Legacy. This team had players like Marcelo “coldzera” David, who used to be FalleN’s teammate back when the two of them were winning S-tier trophies. The match ended in defeat for FURIA after overtime on Ancient (13 – 16).

Following this failure, FURIA were expected to make an immediate comeback against their next opponent because Lynn Vision Gaming was regarded as an underdog. The region they came from, China, does not have a solid tradition in Counter-Strike and is still some years behind Europe and the Americas.

But to everyone’s surprise, FURIA lost again. The score was 9 – 13 on Nuke and the situation looked desperate for the Brazilians. And then the comeback began.

Three matches had to be won. The first one was against KOI and it was over very quickly. The scores were 13 – 6 on Overpass and 13 – 9 on Vertigo.

This gave FURIA the chance to play against ENCE, and everyone assumed that they would lose. But, thanks in part to ENCE’s lack of form, FURIA won 2 – 0 and didn’t even struggle. The scores were 13 – 8 on Mirage and 13 – 9 on Ancient.

In the fifth match of the tournament, FURIA had to play a hyped match against SAW. The two teams had come from diametrically opposed situations. SAW won their first two matches of the tournament and were now in a really bad position, while FURIA lost their first two matches and were now in a really good position.

In the end, FURIA won the match with ease: 13 – 7 on both Vertigo and Ancient. FalleN played unusually well and finished the confrontation with a +25 kill difference. Hopefully, he will play the same way in the second stage of PGL Major Copenhagen, where he’ll have to defeat much stronger opponents.

Header image credit: PGL, FURIA Esports

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