Becomes Tradeit League’s Newest Partner

tradeit chips partnership Teams Up with to Supercharge the Tradeit League FE Masters with bigger prizes and viewer giveaways, promising more opportunities and excitement in female esports competitions.

The first edition of Tradeit League FE Masters went well, featuring 16 female teams and starting a series that could become much bigger in the future. Now that the first step was made, it’s time for the next ones. signed a partnership with, which will result in higher prizes for the participants of the two upcoming editions of the FE Masters League. 

The tournament’s first edition took place between February 24 – 25 with a prize pool of $500 cash plus skins and was very successful. The teams had fun competing and the winners were Navi Javelins. The second place was taken by BIG Equipa.

Thanks to the new sponsorship from, the next FE Masters League offers $1500 cash plus $1300 in skins. It will also include some giveaways for the viewers who watch the tournament live on stream.

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The Second Edition of Tradeit League FE Masters

The second edition is scheduled to take place between April 6 – 7. It will feature 16 teams and use the same format as before: single-elimination and best-of-three matches.

The first round and Quarter Finals will be played on day 1. The semifinals and the Grand Final will be played on day 2.

The complete list of participants is this:

  • NIP Impact
  • ENCE Athena
  • Spirit Female
  • BIG Equipa
  • Fearless Cheetahs
  • GL Prism
  • FORZE Ladies
  • Permitta
  • 5bites
  • QuestionMark
  • Nemesis
  • Team Pigeons
  • More whiskey

Any information on the third edition of the FE Masters League is yet to be announced.

Prize Pool Distribution

1st Place$1250 cash + $500 in skins
2nd Place$250 cash + $300 in skins
3rd Place$250 in skins
MVP$250 in skins
Total Prizepool$2800

Tournament Format & Schedule

FormatSingle Elimination BO3
Day 1:Starts 1:00 PM – Semis + Grand Final
Day 2: Starts 1:00PM – Semis + Grand Final


Given that Navi Javelins will not compete in this tournament, BIG Equipa will have an excellent opportunity to win. But to do that, they will need to defeat a lot of strong teams who decided to play in the second edition of Tradeit League FE Masters.

To discover the winner of the tournament and get the chance to win some free skins, tune in on April 6 and 7.

How to Watch the Tournament

On day 1, the matches start at 11:00 AM CET. On day 2, they start at 1:00 PM CET. 

The tournament can be watched on Tradeit’s Twitch channel. Socials

Facebook: chipsgg

Instagram: chipsgg

Reddit: chipsgg

Tiktok: @chipsgg

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