Cloud9 and HEROIC Advance to Stage 2 of PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL Major Copenhagen

After just three rounds of matches, Cloud9 and HEROIC have already qualified for the second stage of PGL Major Copenhagen.

These two teams were certainly among the favorites, but with so many other strong competitors in the race, nobody knew for sure that they qualify, let alone win all of their matches!

Cloud9’s Results

Cloud9 started the tournament with a match against ECSTATIC. This was supposed to be an easy win but in the end, the score was 13 – 10. ECSTATIC went on to prove that they’re a great team by winning their next two matches.

In the second match of the Copenhagen Major, Cloud9 played against Legacy. The Brazilian squad proved to be very strong, thanks in part to having players like Marcelo “coldzera” David, who was by far the best on the server.

However, Legacy still lost 13 – 10 because C9 also have numerous top players and former Major champions.

The third match, against SAW, was surprisingly difficult too. On Nuke, C9 won 19 – 17. On Anubis, the score was 13 – 9, but C9 had to make a comeback from 5 – 7. Fortunately for them, Ilya “Perfecto” Zalutskiy and pretty much every other member of C9 were in great shape.

HEROIC’s Results

HEROIC had two tough opponents, but they clearly proved that their new roster is quickly becoming as competent as the previous one.

In the first match, against Lynn Vision Gaming, the score was 13 – 5. Everyone on HEROIC played well and the score difference between the players was tiny. But that’s where the fun part ended and the struggle began.

In the second match, HEROIC encountered Imperial and won 16 – 14 after leading 8 – 4. On Mirage, the Brazilians proved to be very hard to beat. Guy “NertZ” Iluz was in good shape and finished with an individual score of 24 – 19. Imperial’s Lucas “decenty” Bacelar had 30 frags and just 20 deaths, but the rest of his team struggled.

The third match was played against Eternal Fire, a team whose potential is well-known at this point. The scores were 16 – 14 on Vertigo and 13 – 7 on Mirage.

Thanks to this victory, HEROIC qualified for stage 2 of PGL Major Copenhagen. We’ll have to see how far they can go.

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