A New CS2 Female Series: Tradeit League FE Masters


Tradeit has launched a new CS2 Female League named Tradeit League FE Masters, which offers more than £1000 in prize money and features 16 teams.

This is an attempt to provide female players with more opportunities to compete and improve their skills before participating in big events such as ESL Impact.

Tradeit’s plan is to organize regular events of this type and schedule them in a way that doesn’t interfere with other CS2 tournaments or qualifications.

Tradeit League FE Masters 1 Details

The first edition of Tradeit League FE Masters is scheduled to start on February 24 at 12 PM CET. The competition will take place online.

The prizes are £500 for the winning team plus an additional £500 in skins, split between the team members. The runner-up will receive £300 in skins. There is an additional MVP prize, which is worth £75.

With 16 teams in the race, this will be an exciting event to watch if you’re interested in female Counter-Strike. The ladies may not be as good as Aleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev, but they can certainly play CS2 at a high level and shoot very accurately.

Every team is expected to use Anti-Cheat software. The format is single-elimination, which means that the number of matches will be considerably lower than that of a typical 16-team event.

The maps that are available are the usual ones:

  • Mirage
  • Nuke
  • Overpass
  • Vertigo
  • Ancient
  • Inferno
  • Anubis

The server locations are listed below:

  • Moscow
  • Netherlands
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Finland

This will ensure that each match can take place in optimal conditions for both teams.


Here are the 16 teams that will compete in Tradeit League FE Masters 1:

  • VP Angels
  • BIG Equipa
  • Astralis-
  • Navi Javelins
  • Nemesis
  • ENCE Athena
  • GL Prism
  • NIP Impact
  • Spirit Female
  • Cuppcakes
  • Nonamers
  • FORZE Ladies
  • FearlessCeetah

Almost all of these teams have a top skill level on FACEIT. The three exceptions are ELITE (6), Cuppcakes (8), and nonamers (8).

Needless to say, competitors like NIP Impact and Astralis- will be fun to watch because these organizations have a long history in Counter-Strike, which pretty much means that they select their players carefully.

Of course, anything could happen in these kinds of matches. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t any favorites. Keep in mind that the match format is best-of-three, which will likely result in the best teams winning in most cases.

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